10 Greatest Sci-Fi Video Games Of All-Time

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Sci-Fi is a genre that can bring anything your way. From expansive universe to isolated facilities, these are ten of the best video games the genre has to offer.

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  1. L H says

    Metroid Prime Trilogy still looks good to this day. I can't believe it's not on this list.

  2. Dylan philpott says

    I loved doom 3. It was like half life dead space

  3. Luis Z says

    Mass Effect has such a great world and lore and characters. I’m about halfway through Mass Effect 2 now and I love this series already. There are not many Sci Fi series that really gripped me like Mass Effect save maybe Star Wars.

  4. Nicola says

    Half Life 1 (98) is much better than HL2. Halo1/2 are best Halos

  5. Juan Marquez says

    I feel guardians of the galaxy has earned a spot in a list like this

  6. Life in the HANDS says

    1)Half-Life 2
    3)Mass Effect 2
    4)Portal 2
    5)Dead Space
    6)Alien Isolation

  7. Jeremy Hughes says

    yup, calling bullshit… if Half-Life 2 is number 2 Half-Life is number 1… moral choice, and rpg characteristics do not a best sci-fi game make.

    trash opinion, trash presenter… glad she's gone.

  8. JimmychangaXL says

    Halo reach is good but not the best halo, In fact most people consider any of the original trilogy to be better than halo reach

  9. 11. Anand T R says

    Outlast 🖤

  10. Robb Herand says

    Mass Effect 2 ! The greatest game of all time!!!

  11. martien post says

    The fact that you guys put me2 on number 1 is commendable. Truly he best scifi game ever created. I wish i could experience something like that again

  12. PlentyLives says

    No subnautica?

  13. Unknown says

    Why there is no Alien Isolation? I think it should be on 1st place or at least on 2nd place.

  14. Jake From Statefarm says

    No PC gamers will tell you that Crysis is a way better sci-fi game than half life…. and no halo either? How can this be taken seriously?

  15. Enchiron Whatever says

    It is a Horror how this girl is talking!

  16. Yog- Sothoth says

    fallout, just fallout

  17. BeanTown 617 says

    the halo game you should’ve picked was halo 2, and that game deserves atleast top 5 in my opinion

  18. NephilimFree says

    Thumbs down for being so scummy and using the GD word in this video so that we have to hear it, much less the teens and pre-teens whose ears you enjoy stuffing it into.I can't help but wonder is so many like you make these videos with your own or your neighbor's kids sitting next to you. Great job on your contribution to corrupting society.

  19. Johnny Cross says

    How dear that dumb bitch say halo reach is the greatest halo game

  20. Striver For says

    1:12 Doom
    2:10 Halo: Reach
    3:07 Starcraft II
    4:08 Deus Ex
    5:02 Dead Space
    6:00 Portal 2
    7:03 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    8:10 Bioshock
    9:05 Half-Life 2
    10:11 Mass Effect 2

  21. Darth Aria says

    No beating mass effect when it comes to sci-fi

  22. Elson Felix says

    Mass Effect is the perfect scifi space opera, and as an space opera is the sum of of all sci-fi, yeah the best of all.

  23. plague 137 says

    Haloce is my fav

  24. Cmudd says

    I’m glad that you pronounced Deus Ex correctly. It always makes me cringe whenever I hear someone call it Deuce Ex.

  25. TheDDKing Animates says

    Metroid prime trilogy, best games of all time imo.

  26. Mr.Tomatoplays says

    My top 5 list would be:
    5. Halo 3
    4. Star wars battlefront 2 (2005)
    3. KOTOR 2
    2. Mass effect 2
    1. Halo CE

  27. titan hades says

    There's a reason they call Mass Effect, the Star Wars of Video games.

  28. Robert Neil says

    Fallout 3 and Detroit Become Human are also some top contenders as well.

  29. Robert Padua says

    To me zombie games sren't sci fi

  30. Robert Padua says

    Mass Effect 2
    Dead Space
    Defiance 2050
    Destiny 2
    Borderlands 2
    Planetside 2
    Deus Ex Human Revolution
    Portal 2


  31. kroh says

    No prey?

  32. Bekon241 says

    The Universe, Megalomania, Alien Bread, X-com Enemy Unknown (and all series TFTD and Apocalypse PC) Amiga, Remember Me PC, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex PS2, Xenogears PSX, Xenoblade Wii, Xenoblade chronicles WiiU, Unreal, Quake2, Duke Nukem 3D and much more…



  34. Half life 2 is my absolutely favorite game, this game is the best in the world.

  35. Amy Meadows says

    I would've like to see BattleTech on here but on well

  36. Nishandx says

    "System Shock Walked, So that BioShock Could Run" – Very creative darling !

  37. Luca Soncin says

    goddammit what about leaving the title of each game on the screen?

  38. Atlas The Spy says

    For me, doom 2016/eternal are my no1

  39. Ryan Jackson says

    Major Fail Not Having Xenoblade Chronicles X on here. It's the Best Sci-fi RPG along with the Mass Effect Trilogy.

  40. Johannes Kirestos says

    Indeed ME2 & ME3(minus the ending) still are and will be the best scifi!!!

  41. Giannis 85 says

    Not any Final Fantasy Game? Yes, I know that they had fantasy elements too (like magic, spirits, and dragons), but some games in the series put quite a strong emphasis in sci-fi (especially the games 7&8)!

  42. Majestic-12 says

    Deus ex was the first si fi game i played

  43. NightWolf says

    am i the only one who hasn't got scared a bit from dead space ? i mean the gameplay was fun but the horror elements ? nah
    hell there are even times where i had to act scared to enjoy the game
    8 year old me would've been scared shitless tho

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