10 Mind-Blowing Video Game Features Everybody Takes For Granted

video game video game

Incredibly huge advantages in game design, and most of the time we pass it off like it’s a pause button…

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  1. Alianger says

    Why is this pretending that PCs don't exist

  2. Aroneazy says

    Number 10 works, except for Madden ultimate team. Thanks EA -_-

  3. David Smith says

    Hey Avgn

  4. Baron Zemo says

    How bout having to use batteries for your wireless controller? Oh wait, Microsoft is still trying to figure that one out.
    And the onboard memory has kinda been cancelled out with requiring install of all disc games and the massive sizes of disc and digital against pretty limited space given with the system, having to still invest in increasingly larger memory data cards and external hard drives.

  5. Allan Read says

    Whats this crap about playstation forcing players to use their headsets the corsair gaming headsets that have the usb wireless charger are able to be used with any new console as the jack for the cable that fits into the headset also fits into the usb of the console and with the other usb part the one that controls the entire headset on the system also being usb it can be plugged in to them as well hell you can even just use the control one in the console and only plug in the charge cable when u have to which due to being usb can be plugged in to a phone charger that has the connector to usb or another item like a computer

  6. Jm says

    Many of this features are still not enough developed. I dont use gaming streaming (I dont want too) and is not working properly yet. And some problems with the storage still persists -500G for some consoles is a very very low space in the hard drive.

  7. Jm says

    Cloud saving in PS4 is a PS Plus feature. Sadly.

  8. NinjaMagic says

    Literally all of these I could do without. I prefer physical games, and I hate the thought of not having a console in the future. The actual physical thing makes me feel like I have a sense of ownership on the game, but streaming a game feels like I'm stealing it. Also, day 1 patches aren't a problem. They're a good excuse to get some sleep or get some other work done. I was crazy excited for Smash Bros. Ultimate but even then I waited a few days to get it. By the time I picked it up, even though I had preordered it, there was a patch. It game me an excuse to get some homework done before I could play. Most of the problems that these fix are trivial.

  9. dontattack says

    noone games on a mac gtfo of here

  10. Timothy Lewis says

    There's a lot of stuff wrong in this video but he means well. Things are pretty good, for the most part. Now is the best time to be a gamer.

  11. KZ3fps says

    PSVR has been a surprising success to me. I have enjoyed playing games like Farpoint, Astro Bot, and Moss far more than I anticipated

  12. Missing Numbers says

    cloud gaming is not a positive and it never will be same goes for digital downloading games too physical media forever

  13. SpeedingOffence says

    That was kindof depressing. In the last 10 years, all we've gotten is a couple small conveniences, none of which have done anything to improve games.

  14. comrade the space pimp says

    can you even the WASD lol

  15. Chris Greene says

    Um u need to do more research on things the ps2 and xbox both had hhds ps2 u had to buy one separate but it still could. And the ps4 doed have voice comands as well it just was not one of there big features so less ppl know about it

  16. Autumn says

    I pre-ordered Spyro last May and when it was the day before it was to be released, it obviously started downloading and the excitement of playing a remastered version of a game I have fond memories of was insane. Then finally being able to play it made me kinda cry. Yes I cried a bit when I loaded the game and saw it with my own eyes. Yes I'm the only one who gets emotional over a game that originally came out 19 years ago. And yes I was excited to play games I've played over and over, but my child side couldn't help but come out.
    And about the steaming thing, if you're just going to stream your gameplay to your PC from your ps4, why not just get the pc version?

  17. Keith says

    You can use more than just Sony headsets wirelessly on ps4. I have some Logitech ones that work great. Xbox sucks for using wireless headphones.

  18. Dragonrana says

    I have a stutter, speech impediments and tend to slur words together. I hate all these voice activated things.

  19. Throttle Kitty says

    No one is still playing RDR2 this spring. It was as story game, it's finished in a week.

  20. drinkyourtea says

    I personally am not a fan of VR.

  21. mangor14 says

    Again! do the homework, guys! Actually, the Original Xbox (6th generation) had a small HDD, and the memory card was not really compulsory to save your game. You could even rip CDs to the frigging thing! Lol!

  22. Nifft Batuff says

    Do you remember when games have the possibility to quick save and save everywhere? Or when you could play a game off-line? Or when games were sold complete? There are a lot of quality of life features that gamers took for granted in the past that are no more true.

  23. tyler reinhard says

    I’m probably the only one who misses memory card!

  24. H. Woods says

    The PSVR has been a major pleasant surprise for me.

  25. Vonn Wick says

    Me:*Plays game after it being in sleep mode*
    PS4: Turns into a fighter jet

  26. Alice Jones says

    You guys needs to try harder. Cause NO ONE takes #1 for granted? It's crap… and I large portion of us have yet to have had an experience with it yet where we would even call it a feature.

  27. Nov 5062 says

    Controllers with headphone ports are a new thing?! Excuse me, the 3DO did it 26 years ago!

  28. RaoulDuke says

    Of course josh list has VR at #1 lmao

  29. SorcererLance says

    you could plug in headphones onto the Sega Genesis/Megadrive, not including nearly every single portable system

    also the Nintendo Switch can freely go into sleep mode… and before that, the 3DS, DS and some GBA games

  30. Slayer Runefrost says

    I love phsyical media and "play as you doanload" is a joke. When my console says "game downloaded" I start the game expecting to play the WHOLE game. But no, I still have to wait another 30-45minutes for most of the game to be accessible.😡 Looking at you For Honor and Mortal Kombat 11.

  31. Slayer Runefrost says

    The thing about suspend/resume is that with the advent of save/load wherever(which is in pretty much every game now) its obsolete.

  32. Gone says

    Who tf uses voice commands lmao

  33. Dave Brohman says

    I'm a little worried about Josh welcoming our new voice-controlled overlords in a ruined post-apocalyptic landscape two blocks from my office.

  34. Fahk Tu says

    everyone please make sure you buy physical copies only buy digital if the sale is really really good and please stop spending money on DLC there should be no exception other than buying the DLC if there is a really really good sale and you also got the video game on sale I want my full product for $60 ahhhh

  35. Fahk Tu says

    Stop buying digital what is wrong with you guys I like whatculture don't ruin it for me dummys

  36. Fahk Tu says

    Buck cloud gaming lol

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