10 Recent WORST Game BREAKING Glitches

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Many games have glitches. Some glitches are funny, some are annoying. But from time to time, a glitch will prevent you from completing the game at all. Let’s talk about THAT kind of video game glitch – do you remember any of these?
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PSA: Do not kill Xeno’Jiiva on MHW PC. You will lose everything. from MonsterHunterWorld

Huge game breaking bug (Read before playing game) from reddeadredemption

The Circle of Death Rules Us All: Far Cry 5 has a Death Loop Bug


  1. jazzy jayjay says

    Great stuff. I vote for State of Decay 2. Just one giant bug infested bug. Even after I uninstalled it I felt nervous it has infected my home…

  2. big smoke says

    I play on what i have

  3. BloodGriffan says

    I remeber the division 1 game. I bought the gold edtion and one patch later I couldnt play the game anymore. It would go into an infinte black screen but the menu music was still playing

  4. Brad Stream says

    when i was about 8 the first time i played south park n64 i soft locked it πŸ™‚

  5. Redbar Gaming says

    Hmmmm why isn't anthem on here?

  6. CarlosEZB says

    that error notification sound really scared me

  7. Nesieg e says

    In terraria there is a bug where it searches save files to update the saves with new features but if you have no save files it will search forever

  8. Elisabeth Heiman says

    One time, I got a game breaking glitch in Skyrim that broke the Dark Brotherhood questline for me. Basically, during the quest Whispers in the Dark, Astrid tells me to talk to Nazir telling me that he has some contracts for me. However, there is no dialogue option for contracts, making it impossible to complete the quest and the questline itself. It really sucks because it is right after it's revealed that that the Last Dragonborn is something that Cicero calls The Listener.

    This is fixable on PC but unfortunately, since it requires putting in a console command it is impossible on console. I was unfortunate to be on an Xbox 360 when I got the glitch. I'm pretty sure that Bethesda knew about it, since according to the forums, it was not at all an uncommon glitch, but those bastards never fixed it. This is a big "F U!" to us on console (at least on Xbox 360 and PS3) and unable to use console commands or download the unofficial Skyrim patch to fix this terrible bug. Why is it even called an RPG if you can't be the character you want to be?

  9. Doodle Pop says

    I think a pretty big game breaker bug is the Xbox one version of assassin's Creed Black flag when you go to one of the first islands it will never load and I don't think Ubisoft ever patched it or ever will. I know it's not a recent game but I just recently checked and it still doesn't work lol

  10. creeper 988 says

    I know this videos like a week ago but Just Cause 3 glitch it makes everything Go Play-Doh I fall through the floor every single type that happens.

  11. Faith Moore says

    I haven’t even started watching the video and I already know Fallout 76 is in there somewhere.

  12. Ravathiel says

    the last patch of Undead Nightmare introduced Headless/Killless Zeds, and hour in that breaks the game

  13. Samuel Fensom says

    I'm surprised Mass Effect Andromeda isn't on here. That too had a falling through the floor, spawning under the floor then auto-saving bug. As well as a few others

  14. CoffeePoweredKatie says

    Oh, game breaking glitches?
    Did you mean, pretty much every Bethesda game?

    Wait no, sorry I forgot. They're features.

  15. Let's Pretend says

    The prey one was also on the ps4 version

  16. pubg map.. when u put box colliders on a sphere

  17. Nehtiyalyr says

    About Fallout 76, "they fixed" is a loose term… because as I watch this video YouTube suggests me "Fallout 76 – solo duplication glitch still possible after patch 9.5"
    So… yeah, maybe not game breaking, but that thing still a mess… haha

  18. Anti The Dutch Angel Dragon says

    I remember the good old days of cod 4, near the end of the mission and you hut a checkpoint right as a grenade exploded at your feet….

  19. Jacobo Lama says

    clash glitch r6

  20. Shizuo Horizaki says

    My DeadRising 2 Just freezes and Freezes my Xbox one after a certain time of playing …. The moment I try to save it and if you don't save it you'll have to do everything over again

  21. Trevor Thieme says

    3:40 That was a big WTF IS HAPPENING! kind of moment

  22. Chief Gingy says

    Hunt showdown hasnt worked for months due to some bug for me

  23. Dragon king explosion murder says

    Three words…..
    No man's sky

  24. J Snax says

    Lmao says resent say all old ass games click bait?

  25. Soldier Everdean says

    I actually remember playing the Metroid game YEARS ago and getting stuck at that point in the game, I couldn't figure out how to progress! I ended up just giving up the game, thinking I was too dumb to figure it out. Nope. Just a glitch. Classic. But man that is a blast from the past.

  26. th0r f4r1azz says

    God of war when you get to Helheim the first time you can start descending a platform that is supposed to fall before. So when you start descending you completely disappear and when you reach the supposed end of such wall you fall over and over and over again. I have a vid of that on my channel if you wanna see. It's called God of war glitch

  27. David Varney says

    Days gone unfortunately, super excited for this game before it released, got about 70% through it before I got stuck!

  28. Cell Chow says

    Let plays a guessing game : An EA game from BioWare that will not only break your game, but also your PS4 that starts with an "A"

  29. Subnautica does that same black pixel glitch, a lot. Where the screen just continuously fills with black pixel where something moves

  30. Wesley Goldman says

    how is fornite not on here. remember the glitch mess of tilted towers and retail row not rendering properly?

  31. Terrell Nix says

    I broke division 2, got into the undeveloped parts of the game.

  32. Caleb Hagen says

    In fallout 4 my save file got corrupted for no reason out of nowhere and i had to restart the whole game with a new save just so i could play the game again

  33. DarkBooger says

    You mean Fallout 7 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 666e6eddkuehdslkgdjfiuerh Error 404

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