10 Upcoming Games of APRIL 2019 | PC , PS4 , Xbox one

Xbox games trailers

new games coming in APRIL 2019 , and this video is a collection of the 10 Games scheduled to be released in the month of APRIL 2019 in PS4 , PC, Xbox one and Nintendo switch
List Of Games APRIL 2019 :

# 1 : Days Gone (PS4) 00:00
Release : 26 APRIL 2019

# 2 : Mortal Kombat 11 (PS4-PC-Xbox one) 01:57
Release : 23 APRIL 2019

# 3 : World War Z (PS4-PC-Xbox one) 03:22
Release : 16 APRIL 2019

# 4 : Earth Defense Force Iron Rain (PS4) 04:40
Release : 11 APRIL 2019

# 5 : Dauntless (PS4-PC-Xbox one-switch) 05:52
Release : APRIL 2019

# 6 : Power Rangers Battle for the Grid (PS4-PC-Xbox one-switch) 07:23
Release : APRIL 2019

# 7 : Dangerous Driving ( PS4-PC-Xbox one ) 07:37
Release : 09 APRIL 2019

#8 : Imperator Rome ( PC ) 08:15
Release : 25 APRIL 2019

#9 : Bubsy Paws on Fire (PS4-PC-SWITCH) 09:39
Release : APRIL 2019

#10 : Anno 1800 ( PC ) 10:06
Release : 16 APRIL 2019


  1. spider RM says

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    i hope you entre my channel

  2. Otem Payum says

    Wat is the game name

  3. GunslingerXXI says

    Don't listen to that female SJW idiot, Kallie Plagge, who writes for Gamespot, and who despicably gave it 5/10 because she thought the zombies were "too white", and because the characters behave like real people rather than a bunch of Berkley students. Days Gone will the best sandbox game to come out this year. Minor technical issues? Sure, the game is enormous, and an argument could be made that the game's pacing is a bit odd. But the narrative and the gameplay are excellent and the atmosphere is amazing. In fact, it is a little too convincing. Everything about the game's art direction conveys desperation, loss, and hopelessness. It can honestly be an emotional drain to play this game. Days Gone is the only game to come out in several years that meets my standard for exploring the merit of the video game as a narrative medium. There is nothing about this game that is cheery or cute. It is a straight up ride through a dystopian, post-apocalyptic hell. And you are getting this from a zombie game hater.

  4. Gaming World says

    but whre the anthem

  5. Evil blaze crew ! says

    Huh well these all look fucking Amazing

  6. Hajib Nabil says

    xobx one ❤❤games nov ?????????

  7. Snow in da funBoots says


  8. John P. Hayden says

    Is that Days Gone 2 by now?

  9. Guido Rovelli says

    Gli zombie hanno veramente sfracellato i coglioni . Nuove idee zero.

  10. Jimmy Boi says

    Guess I'll be playing bubsy for an entire month cause everything else looks boring.Why all the hype over days gone? Looks generic af. 2/10

  11. Kirk Butterfield says

    Having a storyline in mortal kombat after this long. They might as well just make another 90's movie straight to VHS

  12. darkness winZ says

    That racing game look like a kids version of burnout lol

  13. Barry McCockner says

    Man jsut went through red dead 2 re2 remake anthem and pretty soon ill be done with division 2. My hands are tired dudes. Looks like they are gonna fall off next month ??????. Where was all this stuff during christmas??

  14. Jessica Mitchell says

    Me too?????

  15. bil hmm says

    Really hope Days gone lives up!

    I'm not pre order, I simple wait 2- 3 weeks after its relesed!

    It Reviews from other gamer/ consumers- are good and it deliver defently a bay!

  16. Capt'n Ron & Capt'n obvious says

    Just claimed $70 roughly a month ago and already have $90 towards the next claim follow the links so they'll know Capt'n Ron sent you ??

  17. MrBloodyemperor says

    okay I have to ask did anyone actually want another bubzy game?

  18. Lunar9p says

    D A Y S G O N E only for me

  19. Lee Livesey says

    I really hope Days Gone lives up to all the hype…

  20. Steven says

    I want mortal kombat like shaolin monk

  21. spider RM says

    This Nice games i hope visite m'y channel please i am from algérien tlemcen exect sabra

  22. Mel says

    The voice in world war z trailer sounds like artyom from metro games lol

  23. sinkiy says

    I seriously hope days gone is good.

  24. Memo Cabrera says

    Are these free games or we need to buy the game on ps4 I am confused

  25. OxM says

    I’ve waited years for Days Gone. Hopefully lives up to it’s trailers!

  26. free2bme2b says

    that driving game gave me a headache lol

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