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Tomb Raider, God of War, Ninja Gaiden, there’s a ton of video game reboots out there. But I wanna talk about the ones that you most likely forgot about. And if you didn’t? Well uh. Not my fault. Go play more video games.

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  1. Austin Eruption says

    What are you Reboots that I forgot? I know there's probably a ton.

  2. Treyman1115 says

    I miss SSX, I'm still surprised it hasn't gotten a remake yet. I still come back to SSX 3 often and I only don't play the reboot because I have no way too yet

  3. pinewolfpresents says

    The industry just isn't the same without Midway 😔

  4. Jelley says

    DMC was an amazing game that I love and I don’t care what anyone says.

  5. Raven Christian says

    I'm that ninja gaiden friend…

  6. Simon Briggs says

    I enjoyed the Legend of Spyro for how it emphasized more on dragons. You may think of Spyro as “cutesy platformer collectathon”, but there's no shortage of those. When I think “Spyro” I think “Playable heroic dragon.” And the TLoS Spyro was just as playable, more heroic, and draconic. His new abilities like the Earth flail from the Eternal Night and his Blizzard twister from Dawn of the Dragon just adds a new layer to what makes dragons interesting. And to top it off, Cynders abilities are useful and fun in their own way too. And she's just a much better character. The way she deals with her tragic past makes her very admirable for her resilience. You put yourself in her shoes, you might just go insane from guilt (I know I would). And Malefor? He's just a far bigger threat who managed to destroy the planet cementing him with the highest body count in just one move.
    When I hear “dragon” I think “fierce strength, powerful magic, and intelligence.” And they don't get one shotted once their bug guardian is not around to protect them.
    It has flaws, I get it. But I love it for what it tried with what limited time and budget it had for each instalment.

  7. pious83 says

    One day Alundra, one day.

  8. Phillip Helgren says

    turok reboot had some big actors on it too lmao

  9. InsertGoodChannelNameHere says

    How you pronounce "Gaiden" makes me want to jump off a bridge tbh.

  10. Romnys Gonzalez says

    Ninja Gai…DEN

  11. Robin Mattheussen says

    I think the Ninja Gaiden reboot on the OG Xbox might actually qualify as the single greatest video game reboot of all time. At least I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with a better one right now. Despite being absolutely terrible at it, it still blew me away back in the day.

  12. sugarblunt says

    Love women being refereed to as chicks or tna. That’s not objectification at all. Bet you would be really cool with playing a game about balls n sack Ava men being paraded in your face like a doll.

  13. PhillipOnTakos says

    That Golden Axe reboot is something I forgot existed but a Dwarf saying 'buy my balls girl" lives rent free in my head despite me forgetting where it came from.

  14. home9dog2blue says


  15. NEETpride says

    yaiba = yabai

  16. BlackViperGX says

    i'm sorry but Sparkster on SNES was way better than the Genesis version, but Rocket Knight Adventures is the best of the 3.

  17. M.A_Robinson says

    Sunk MANY hours into the SSX reboot. Wasn't quite the peak that was SSX 3 but I loved it, and I can enjoy a Wub Wub from time to time.

  18. Bl4ck H4nd says

    You just run from A to B while being locked into arenas with enemies….just like God of War, but apparently that's ok for some reason, because it's God of War.

  19. Roy Wang says

    am I crazy or is he saying "Ninja Guy Den"? it made me cringe everytime I heard it….

  20. tendtherabbits says

    I used to have a ninja gaiden friend, but then I became the ninja gaiden friend.

  21. ShadowGamer2099 says

    Legend of Spyro gets way to much hate I liked the serious plot and seeing Spyro grow up

  22. Zodiac Mephisto Tv says

    What Golden Axe 3 sucks??? I think 1 & 2 aged poorely, but the 3 is as good playable as streets of rage 2

  23. Miles Tails says

    SSX is so underrated and forgotten , I'm gonna cry. I wish EA did SOMETHING. Remake, reboot, remaster – anything. I thought after THPS2 no extreme sports game could captivate me this much, but SSX On Tour, and years later SSX (PS3) did just that. Nothing came close ever since.

  24. Brian Moore says

    0:49 Lloyd Irving?

  25. Austin Fink says

    "ITS AN EPIDEMIC"…..o…..oh no

  26. Vahagn Movsisyan says

    Yo the ps3 ssx is so overlooked. It’s hands down the best snowboarding game

  27. Dylan Alexander says

    SSX Reboot did not get the love it deserved. Those endless holes were the parts that killed some tracks mainly

  28. Android Gear says

    I personally love the legends of Spyro games All three of them.

  29. PhazonEnder says

    Correct me I'm wrong since I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to series, but isn't Ninja Gaiden Z a spin-off rather than a reboot?

  30. UnironicallyDel says

    im pretty sure after the first Spyro trilogy the ip was tossed around a lot.

  31. Ultra_Magikarp says

    Saying that Mortal Kombat 9 is a reboot is like saying Kid Icarus Uprising is a reboot

  32. sozaj says

    No! I will NOT play ANY mobile games ANY of you Youtubers are sponsored by! 'Nuff said!

  33. Matthewbraith 0 says

    Ninja Gaiden is sexist trash.

  34. NYCJoeBlack says

    There are speculations that Spyro Reignited for the PS4 has received a quiet, very quiet rerelease in the form of al three games being on the disc without the need to download two of the three games.

  35. Kalos says

    Spicying things up to make them more emotional or exciting, therefore Edgy, doesn't mean you should, because you're gonna fuck everything up, Spyro, The Lords Of Fallen Angels Of Darkness. The Darkness In Me.

  36. Justin Case says

    "where some dude claims that Dragon's Lair 3D will be the first HD video game"

    cuts to unintelligible garbled whispers

  37. PHEEliNUX says

    What the fuck I actually thought people said “goat” to compare things to an actual goat that is apparently really great for some reason?

  38. Thomas Lamson says

    My dad would be pissed of he heard of the Yars Revenge remake

  39. Memory Unlimit says

    "Everyone has a Ninja Gaiden fan, if you don't, it is probably you" – Yeah seems about right

  40. MooseMan says

    Ay! I love me some Hydro Thunder Hurricane!

  41. Keyboard Shark says

    Big eyes MUST BE ANIME

  42. Katie Blade says

    TMNT xbox360 and now battle toads, the new toads kinda mediocre

  43. japanesecinema says

    Played so much NFL blitz as a kid.

  44. Maioly says

    15:00 Not me (and tons of thirsty furries… well, at the least until we got dragon daddy simulator in the remakes)
    We are all about that edgy shit

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