10 WEIRDEST Video Game DLCs We Still Can't Believe Exist

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Pay up to unlock the weirdest stuff.

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  1. Paul says

    We used to get angry about aesthetic-only DLC like horse armor. Ironic that now it's one of the few types of DLC we accept.

  2. Dollface Stranger says

    Adorable Navi shirt.

  3. MrJollyCat says

    9:50 for Resident Evil

  4. Strider Fitzsimmons-Sebring says

    What's wrong with a compliment from snoop dogg? Or Spongebob?

  5. Juan Isasi says

    Hey, if it's cool for Corey Taylor of Slipknot to sing the Spongebob Squarepants theme onstage, it's cool enough for you.

  6. Stephen Burks says

    You’re wrong dlc hit two generations ago. Xbox : KOTOR : Yavin Station : or sometime there abouts. Thank god for the ethernet port on the OG Xbox. Oh and thanx for the video.

  7. chris skywar says

    nier automata dlc was very much worth it… it was genius.

  8. Patrick Bateman says

    Why is it that The Saboteur is always on these list?? When I got the game the code was in the box.

  9. Scar661 says

    I payed for the snoop voice pack I regret nothing

  10. Ezio Drakkara says

    what do you think the red potions are made of

  11. Lucia Stormknight says

    i hate her running voice

  12. JDGamingPR says

    I miss PS Home still to this day. That's the place where I met one of my best friends and we still chat every now and then. Nebula Realms, Atom Universe and, even, Four Kings Casino and Slots does not carry the same magic as PS Home did. They are good but they will never be a PS Home. God, I still miss it. It was the place I used to go when I felt alone. ?

  13. Syfi Freak!!!!!! says

    These are to strange for me to buy, but at the same time funny to imagine they exist.

  14. Just a peace of cake says

    Didnt support the talking ???

  15. Jones kamacho says

    Tfw No far cry 3 blood dragon

  16. nonamesleftdammit says

    The story in RE7 got sad really fast when it's revealed that the crazy homeowners weren't always like the Firefly family and actually used to be really good people.

  17. J says

    what is the game at 00:41 with the flamingo on the woman's head?

  18. Stephen Eee says

    So when your weapons break, that's a masterpiece?

  19. Small Jeff says

    A funny dlc for any game: It makes all characters in the game scream their names instead of talking.

  20. SAIF THE EDGE says

    AC Revelations LOL so fucking weird

  21. Daniel Agle says

    undead nightmare is a goddamn masterpiece you can’t can’t change my mind

  22. mr.nachoman96 says

    DLC’s are the worst thing that ever happened to video games

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