12 Minutes World Premier Trailer Interactive Thriller Game (Xbox E3 2019)

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12 Minutes World Premier Trailer Interactive Thriller Game (Xbox E3 2019)
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  1. Kris Ektham says

    Wow it’s really interesting

  2. תומר פילו says

    Seems amazing but where is david bateson

  3. Mshark says

    This is just the npcs every time I come back to a level

  4. Riginal says

    Не знаю как вы , но я жду эту игру

  5. Lissander Knight says

    The real name of the game: "Ah, sh*t! Here we go again!"

  6. Z Blade says

    Cool plot, but the top down and 3d graphics are weird

  7. Bigboi 360 says

    This looks sick

  8. katelyn ast says

    I'm actually hyped for this….

  9. Iggy Bunn34 says

    You was at the club bottoms up when I first met you

  10. BengeJ Uknowit says

    Getting a source code kind of vibe about this, looks good!

  11. Realmasterorder says

    Looks really interesting

  12. Sydnxt says

    This looks amazing, I'm way more excited for this than Doom Eternal.

  13. corasundae says

    God, I've waited for this game forever.

  14. I thought this is 12 minutes of compiled world premier…. I am disappointed and possibly my 12 minutes is ruined

  15. 4goezm says

    So far this is my favourite trailer of this E3! Looks really interesting and the voice acting is on point

  16. White Eagle says

    That's not 12 minutes its just barely 2 minutes.
    Its only the trailers and the companies can't keep basic promises already.

  17. midgetwars1 says

    Ah shit here we go again – the game

  18. Et Cogito Ergo Sum says

    12 minutes is not 2 minutes you idiots

  19. Hol' Up Niqqa says

    Now I would watch a movie based on this. Yes, I've already seen ground hog day.

  20. Paul Tan says

    I've waited so long for this. Everyone who doesn't understand this, watch the video from a long time ago. It makes sense what he's talking about

  21. Go Jets Go says

    This and Elden Ring are the top two games I need. Everything else I could live without.

  22. lil maidree says


  23. Wing ZX1103 says

    Okay I'll bite

  24. Khost says

    Surprisingly, this is the game I'm most excited about

  25. DarkSt0rm009 says

    Low key can't believe they got Jason Griffith in this

  26. TheUnholyGamer says

    I swear to goodddd he sounds like jake Gyllenhaal but this looks good

  27. i'm Rich says

    story it's looks like a happy death day 2U, Trapped time loop.

  28. InvisibleMan95 says

    Very intriguing.

  29. dBisha says

    what's the release datE?

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