15 AMAZING Video Game Details That Will Make You Smile

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I I know that YouTube viewers can be a tough crowd, so if I can make you smile at least once in this video then it will be a succesful video!

All footage was recorded by myself using an Elgato HD60S capture card or Nvidia Shadow play.

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Games featured in this video:
Uncharted 4
Kingdom Hearts 3
Hitman 2
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
Kirby Star Allies
Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Super Mario Odyssey
Assassins Creed Odyssey
Resident Evil 4
Detroit Become Human
Far Cry 5
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

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15 AMAZING Video Game Details That Will Make You Smile
15 AMAZING Video Game Details That Will Make You Smile
15 AMAZING Video Game Details That Will Make You Smile
15 AMAZING Video Game Details That Will Make You Smile
15 AMAZING Video Game Details That Will Make You Smile


  1. Captain Eggcellent says

    For more video game details that will make you smile, click here!: https://youtu.be/g6WCG2ZhpPQ

  2. MedicalNeptune says

    Sideshow Bob! Lol!

  3. Captain Pokémon says

    Don't know if it was said in a video on this channel or if I'm remembering it from another channel but if you try looking up Ashley's skirt when she's wearing the knight armor it has no effect

  4. Professor X says

    I don't know why but the MGS3 one of Snake puking everywhere made me laugh

  5. aswin praveen says

    0:59 wtf

  6. Jaison says

    That does put a smile on my face – Thanos
    Even Thanos smiled but why didn't you?

  7. Budge says

    How did they figure out the resident evil one? 🤨

  8. K Mareo says

    Starlord: starts dancing
    Side character: so he's an idiot?

  9. Pot-Potz says

    Is mario a simp

  10. George Manto says

    Watch dogs 2 is underrated

  11. Huy Nguyen says

    sideshow bob

  12. Datreallyhurtedmetho says

    Great vid, just don't get how the first 3 easter eggs would make me smile

  13. Polaris V2 says

    I love the main song for watch dogs 2

  14. Snuggles says

    Sideshow Bob down below

  15. That's Cool, Joshua says

    Sideshow Bob never wins

  16. BFJ 27 says

    And Metal gear solid3 is my favorite Metal Gear Game rver

  17. BFJ 27 says

    I smiled at Donald Duck He posed like in the old animations and that made me smile

  18. Dominika Nowakowska says

    "Just kidding" that actually made me smile. I didn't expect that

  19. elnonojedi says

    sideshow bob

  20. RedStone128 says

    "Sideshow Bob"

    So where is my prize?

  21. RedStone128 says

    4:35 There is also another little detail about this scene. Her LED turns red while she is lying, as lying is against her programming

  22. W-Redlock_Rose-L says

    "Slideshow bob"

    Don't know if anyone else noticed… o.o/

  23. Lola Covalciuc says

    Sideshow Bob

  24. Roramdi Lxerx says

    Sideshow bob?? This is an old video so idk if you will say anything or not

  25. Varrick says

    4:52 why is this supposed to make me smile?

  26. Lydia Hester says

    sideshow bob?

  27. bridget wiens says

    sideshow bob

  28. Muffin says

    When i first saw the Far cry 5 one i was like "Wtf!?" And i shot the bulls balls

  29. Rhyu says

    1:31 Give that man his fucking hat back I swear to god

    Don't make him sad! >:(

  30. Zack Brown says


  31. Yumachi Nasake says

    Sideshow Bob

  32. Salvi Almighty says

    That game dev definitely didn't need to make that cow mating THAT realistic. It's almost worrying.

  33. çağla bot says

    sideshow bob !

  34. Playing4 FUN says

    the Guardians of the Galaxy one was my favorite

  35. TyeTumicz05 says

    In red dead redemption 2 if you can go to the bar at Saint Location, you must take out for rat reference to the Bully, jimmy help to take out the rat in library, to the rockstar games.

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