3 New Game Trailers You Should Watch Today

Xbox games trailers

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As a part of our efforts to keep you up to date with what’s new in the world of gaming, we are spotlighting three new trailers that dropped this week for a couple games you could play right now.

Necromunda: Hired Gun is a fast-paced first-person shooter set in the Warhammer 40K universe, Song of Horror is a throwback to your favorite survival horror games, and Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is a humourous top-down action-adventure game.

Song of Horror and Turnip Boy are both available on Steam right now so you can check them out today.

We also dip a little into the Oculus Games Showcase which was held just yesterday.

Let us know in the comments if you want us to keep spotlighting some of these lesser-known games, or if you would rather we tackle current events, or even dive into how different aspects of games work.

Thanks for watching!

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[YouTube] Necromunda: Hired Gun Underhive Trailer

[YouTube] Necromunda: Hired Gun Reveal/Gameplay Trailer

[YouTube] Song of Horror Console Release Trailer

[YouTube] Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Launch Trailer

[YouTube] Oculus Gaming Showcase

[YouTube] RE4 VR Adaptation

[YouTube] Lone Echo II

[YouTube] The Climb 2 Freestyle Expansion

[YouTube] After the Fall


  1. Jake Tyler says

    algorithm, be kind to these nice ppl.

  2. TheCreepypro says

    thanks for the heads up

  3. Machine Mechine says

    The Know.

  4. Nate R says

    Quick looks at lesser known games is always welcomed! Cheers for the content!

  5. Kevin Garcia says

    The channel should start doing more shorts! This was really good

  6. goat325 says

    I love these videos. This, along with the weekend roundup, is why I'm still subscribed. The other content is nice, but I really like having someone force new releases and news into my feed.

  7. Shadowjack says

    You guys drove this channel straight into a ditch. Really, really sad mismanagement.

  8. Haruta says

    It's pretty neat to see a small roundup of games like this! Thanks!

  9. Andrew Somber says

    Keep these videos, they are great

  10. Michael Allan says

    What is the name of the game at 0:21 the tile looking game?

  11. Lance Burkhalter says

    Great vid!

  12. Gabriel Campos says

    The first two games looks amazing. I've never heard of any of those 3. Thank you for the recommendation!

  13. redsands1001 says

    Saw dorfmantik roll by in intro montage. It's like single player Carcassonne. I find it very relaxing.

    A friend sent me the trailer for turnip boy earlier this week. Nice!

  14. Mister Mack says

    Lovecraftian, third person horror game, you say? Never seen one of those before

  15. Juan SebastiƔn CaƱavera says

    Love these kind of videos!! šŸ™‚ So many things coming out is good to have some highlights of lesser known games to widen horizons

  16. TrekPythonChild001 says

    Please keep the small/easily missed games recommendations going!!

  17. ZackWester says

    one thing I would like to see them take up is the down scaling of real world maps in video games.
    like how the map for Fallout New vegas is a was it 64 to 1 meaning 64meters in real life was 1 meter in game and everything scaled to that.
    whit buildings been off but as a result towns going from 200 of buildings down to about 10-20 and the Colorade river been way upscaled because if it would had followed the scaling the rest of the world did it would been nothing but a small creek.

  18. Angry Applesauce says

    Was "the Zuck scraping up all your data" an homage to Jake and Amir? Was that an Easter egg?

  19. fourth panda says

    Why is Life is Strange: True Colors not on this list?

  20. Kevin A.E. says

    Can you answer me this ? Why is Cross-Play not a standard yet? I know big question but it would be such a huge leap in gaming

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