5 Game Console/Controller Prototypes That Were Truly INSANE

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Game consoles have evolved a lot through the years, and although some of them are kind of weird, they’re nothing like the prototypes. These video game consoles are way more out-there than you could possibly expect.
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  1. Game Booth says

    7:21 – that's just the wheel from someone's car..?

  2. Tom Dietz says

    Pick one and call it the ps5 the one from the 70's or 80's wouldn't be bad.

  3. Vicarious Gamer says

    Phallic shaped controllers would make billions !!!

  4. Notpoop says

    Bruh the boomerrang controller looks more comfortable to me than the regular PS3 controller. The PS3 controller gave me arthritis

  5. Kobus Janmaat says

    I somehow want to try the boomerang. ?

  6. RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles says

    #1 Did you know Game Ranx was either drunk or really tired during this whole video!??

  7. Jorge Vila says

    Is it me or does Falcom always sound like he records his lines drunk?

  8. ZerqTM says

    lol now i want a comnputer case like that … just not as expensive X3

  9. Private117 says

    the boomerang controller, nerly forgot about it. I mean they still cant make good controllers, or even ergonomic controllers. but it got better. still the sticks not offset like on the xbox controller is just brainless, you want your left stick offset where the Kross is rn, thats much more comfortable and ergonomic, and you dont need the cross this often to have it up there. and reaching L1/R1 still dosnt feel right but, they need to be like 5mm further down that you dont need to raise your finger as much with the current position you hold the controller in. but well its gotten slightly better.

  10. Feral Cypher says

    Sony Prototype tv Game Machine looks like a fancy receipt printer

  11. Myla Berry says

    Looks like something from X-Men.

  12. cerisskies says

    TV Game is still commonly how Japanese people refer to console games

  13. Catomia says

    The TV Game Machine. I kinda want that. Just because it sounds completely ridiculous. Just imagine waltzing up to your local game store and be like "Yeah, show me those Tv Game Machine games! I want them for my TV Game Machine!" Pure elegance.

  14. The Gameing room says

    ya the Nintendo PlayStation I got to play it at the 2018 Delaware Atlantic city comic con got to play mortal kombat and street fighter on it and got to meet the man who found it it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen

  15. Mr. SEA says

    I would have loved to see the PS3 prototype controller…it would share the n64s ridiculous engineering.

  16. SirOWNZalot Gaming says

    Wheres Soulja console

  17. Lu G says

    I honestly wish Sony would offer a larger version of their controllers. It's a bit too small for me. I recall I bought a "Patrick Star" controller from Gamestop YEARS ago for my daughter and I absolutely LOVED it because it was a little larger than the standard sized dualshock.

  18. Cody Averesch says

    God I wish sooo effing much that they'd have made the xbox was an x. I'd have bought two. I'm not happy they changed it up. I'd have even settled for plastic and not metal.

  19. JP Poole says

    Ben Heck, a guy who runs a tech channel that reverse engineers electronics and refurbishes them, was the one who fixed the CD functionality of the Nintendo PlayStation

  20. Grant Courtney says

    "Tv game thing" uncharted 4

  21. Big Dubyuh says

    The X would be one hell of a PC case though have your water cooler where the hole is in the middle have glass on some parts showing off harware, Somone needs to steal with idea and make it GO GO!!!!!!

  22. Guy Ender says

    1:03 unfortunately

  23. PandiiMan says

    I'm sorry, the dual-shocks are still INSANE to me.
    The first ones, fine. You didn't know that "Thumbs" are an important aspect of human daily-life, so you didn't mind breaking them. I get it.
    But today, we know that our hands in general, and thumbs in particular, are not only highly-useful… they're also fragile, and prone to "taking-shits" (medical term) when placed unnaturally for prolonged periods of time.

    Thumbs should be placed as near to the index finger as technically possible (i.e. the "face-buttons" area, or the "D-PAD" area… D-PAD… christ…)
    They can go almost anywhere these thumbs! I promise. They can shift away, and back from these areas. But they should REST where they're comfortable, and by REST I mean: the controls/area where they would be by default.

    Maybe this argument can be boiled down to: WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULD EVER THINK THAT THE D-PAD IS BETTER THAN A STICK?! AND IF THEY DONT, WHY ARE THE IMPORTANT BUTTONS FOR THE RIGHT HAND PLACED DIFFERENTLY THAN ON THE LEFT?! ARE LEFT/RIGHT THUMBS SOMEHOW DIFFERENT, IN ALL HUMANS, IN THE SAME WAY?! or are you too deep into this now, and just refuse to admit Microsoft was right about something, to the determent of your consumer-base's health?

  24. FordPower5288 says

    Bullshit, I still want to buy that big aluminum X. That thing was freaking awesome!

  25. the204cool says

    Take a drink every time Falcon says "Let's just go ahead and say"

  26. H Koizumi says

    That boomerang design for PS3 controller may have made certain women happy. It's shaped perfectly and it vibrates.

  27. sneeky Gamer772 says

    the sega pluto disappeared from space videogame space in 2006

  28. Adofo says

    Just putting it out there, I VERY MUCH want an original Xbox in the shape of a giant chrome X!

  29. Judy Glu says

    the regular saturn also had that slot – not for games

  30. dizzle1119 says

    Don't get why everyone acts as if that "Boomerang" PS3 controller is so awful.

    It's pretty much the same damn controller. Just a bit more rounded & "long". Would have been perfectly comfortable to use…

  31. •What Spade Thinks • says

    Gameranx is one of the few channels that actually deserve it's subscriber base. Their videos are concise, well-informed and produced extremely well.

    That being said, Falcon sounds like he's shit faced for most of this VO. Just sayin'…

  32. miami cosmo says

    i think 'truly INSANE' is quite the overstatement

  33. Willskull says

    Who the hell wouldn't like a metallic X as a console? I think its dope af

  34. bobcharlotte says

    I wanted an X shaped Xbox

  35. Emmortal Sniper says

    Oof Sony

  36. =NolePtr says

    PROTOTYPE TV GAME MACHINE sounds like something from Tomorrow Land at Disney.

  37. Hurkiles Gaming says

    That Half Steering Wheel Controller wouldve been so freaking cool.. I remember wanting a PS3 just to have that controller

  38. Earl Winn says

    Also that last game console you spoke up the Nintendo & Playstation combined console. That would never really happened officially that was probably made by a third party because Nintendo would never have anything to do with Sony not after what Sony did to Nintendo in the mid-90s that's why Nintendo wants nothing to do with Sony. So that last console that you were talkin about & showing off probably made by third-party that Nintendo probably sued them because like I said Nintendo they don't want anything to do with Sony.

  39. Shadow says

    This guy sounds like his belly is full

  40. Earl Winn says

    I think the PlayStation controller sucks. Which apparently I'm not the only one that thinks so. Because a lot of these companies that are coming out with game controllers for other game consoles are copying the design of Xbox controller. No one's copying the design of PlayStation we even have third party companies that make their controllers for the Nintendo switch that clearly copied the design of the Xbox controller.

  41. stirange says

    The DS3 blew unwashed chodes.. Running the same controller for 3 consecutive console generations was lazy.

  42. ashton walters says

    Am I the only one that liked the original idea of the ps3 “boomerang” controller?

  43. Minoumimi says

    the saturn did have a cartridge card so not sure how cool this is.. ~_~ panzer dragon sucked so bad argg all i had on it for months

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