50 Most Influential Video Games – #50-41

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50 Most Influential Video Games – #50-41
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MojoPlays counts down the most influential games of all time, starting with #50 – 41!

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  1. Kakashi Hatake says


  2. Kakashi Hatake says


  3. Daniel Hurtado Jr says

    Silent hill Mario mortal kombat Zelda god of war street fighter and more

  4. Daniel Hurtado Jr says

    Silent hill

  5. Fenix says

    Where is Final Fantasy?

  6. Loser on Youtube says

    So are we not going to talk about why Halo and Metroid are so low

  7. Mrb3rt1298052 says

    number #48 is bullshit its should have been ever quest because EVERY MMO RPG HAS SOMETHING THAT EVER QUEST ALREADY DID ever quest= the dnd version of a game

  8. MaddestMike says

    So many great ones here. 🙂

  9. Jaroslaw Jan Glowacz says

    It's so sad that Sonic isn't on this list #1-50! But it's moral message to destroy robots where small animals are trapped (as a energy source) – in such a way freeing them, wasn't followed by other games, so it's not so infuential, but it really should be! Oh, the unnecessary violence in almost all video games and Sonic couldn't change that!

  10. Mario Blanco says

    why is the narrator trying so hard to be politically correct?

  11. Adam&Eve Simulation V. 1.2 says

    Halo is way too low. Xbox was/is successful because of Halo.

  12. fazzfood joint says

    I remember everyone in the world was playing halo unreal tournament came we played for a few days then went back to halo

  13. fazzfood joint says

    Halo way too low

  14. OBot321 Sucks says

    I bet you that Ocarina of Time is number one.

  15. Roman Fedotov says

    Wow is the reason why good rts warcraft died , and become shitty smelly zombie that world of warcraft

  16. Small Ville says

    Quake II was my sr year in HS… LAN parties in the school computer lab whenever we could

  17. MaddestMike says

    Nolan Bushnell is also the man who gave us Chuck E. Cheese. He founded the franchise as a place where more people could get their hands on Atari arcade games. 🙂

  18. Serevarno says

    "WoW: Dungeons could be done alone, or with friends."

    Uh….yeah. Go solo a vanilla dungeon, at level. Go right ahead.

  19. drog Rel says

    Bioshock is so fucken lowwwwwwwwww noooooooooo

  20. Christopher Bingham says

    47 hoorah

  21. samdiego says

    Bioshock should not be this low on the list! This game should’ve been in the top 10. G4 put it at #3 in their top 100 greatest games of all time

  22. Patrick says

    Putting WOW 48th makes me want to cry

  23. bboykiddblack says

    First video and i already don't respect your opinion lol

  24. Sergio Garcia says

    Halo is way too low. It wasn’t the first FPS or even the first great FPS. But, Halo was the first to be incredible on console and added new concepts to the genre. Not to mention it’s mass appeal on multiplayer. As well as, it’s major influence on the Xbox brand, and consequently on the market as a whole.

  25. Mananga Lilla says

    3:33 "dungeons could be cleared alone" uuuuuh, no they couldn't….. and #48? Really? Dislike.

  26. Mike Beck says

    Ten bucks say pong is one. These base mo fos would pick the easy answer cause obviously the first game was the most influential.

  27. Mike Beck says

    All list like this do is piss people off which undermines what the original intent which was to celebrate great games

  28. SensationalBanana says

    World of Warcraft has had me hooked for over 14 years. I hope for 14 more at the very least! ♡

  29. RedWolf0001 Animations says

    Halo combat evolved is my favorite halo game
    I wonder if clonkers bad fur day is in here

  30. Joey L says

    I don't even play WoW but think it's too low with how it changed the industry and MMORPG

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