7 New Games Out in June 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

new pc games

June is upon us! But what games are there for you to play? We’re here to list just a few! Let us know what you’re most excited for in the comments below! 🎮

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  1. Outside Xtra says

    It's nearly June! What games are coming out? Let's got through some! 🎮

  2. Shanna Semenza says

    the 17+ types of Kajiits is fun to see more of them shown

  3. Devin Bailey says

    Elder Scrolls cuase its my most favorite game series of all time also becuase skyrim is my most favorite game of all time but eso is fun so ya that

  4. George Robinett says

    A game about cars.
    Luke: So I was talking to Mike.
    You forgot Judgement! Spiritual successor to Yakuza!
    I'm really looking forward to CTR, it looks so good

  5. HELIO LOPES says

    Didn’t Luke watch the Netflix Castlevania show? I would call that as a “Castlevania-esc” experience
    You Must do some OX four player CTR when it is out. In my opinion, it is the best kart racer ever!

  6. Daethenix says

    Don't worry Ellen im poor too

  7. AngryLittleGnome says

    Play Crash Team Racing!

  8. Amy Walker says

    A game about cars.
    Luke: So I was talking to Mike.
    Ellen, you were told this before: Khajiit are people, too. Ask permission before you pet them.
    You Must do some OX four player CTR when it is out. In my opinion, it is the best kart racer ever!

  9. RecklessRex says

    Omg I played that Crash Bandicoot demo on the sample disc so many times as a kid! Also the Tekken 2 demo, where you could only play as Jun or Lei, like there was more demos on there but those were the two that I just played over and over. I have such nostalgia for that demo disc. There was a portion of my childhood when I was spending more time playing demos than any actual games. Fond memories <3

  10. Cathal Kelly says

    Sorry I was wrong about Sea of Solitude, it is actually out on the 5th of July, I was lied to by a Podcast.

  11. Munda Mio says

    good video

  12. Emily11111111 says


  13. EnbyCryptidCats says

    CTR was my jam as a kid, super hyped for the remastered yissss
    Crash Bash was my other fave, ironically not the main series.

  14. Thayne says

    Super Mario Maker

  15. Stef A says

    Give me my winter back this heat is killing me 🙁

  16. Akmal Ibrahim says

    The car livery customization and F2 cars are big news for Codemaster's F1 games.

  17. Stephanie D says

    Awww you guys talking about racing is adorable! 😛 I mean that as a compliment btw 😀

  18. Cathal Kelly says

    Also Sea of Solitude on the 5th.

  19. sjhmagic1 says

    is Ellen talking about the same Khajiits in Skyrim? The ones i remembered weren't so cute. They stole from you. Try to kill you. Talked crazy to you and flirted with you. And one of them in the game books; actions were so explicit, the game left some of his pages blank. Cute is not the word I would use to describe them.

  20. Smanuelle says

    5:12 that are some big improvements XD

  21. Callum says

    Would love a Let's Play of the F1 game 😀

  22. Lynn doesn't exist says

    I really like you guys, because unlike other 'countdown' channels you go outside just that branch of things, and your speakers actually have personalities. Unlike channels like The Things or Watchmojo.com's channel

  23. KingofHearts 138 says

    Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers expansion comes out June for pre-paid players and since Ellen loves cats she needs to see the miqo'te race in that game….

  24. pokemon playa says

    Umm, for nite did have a kart racer mode. Take a golf buggy, head to the track and race. It even had drifting. Case closed

  25. Cathal Kelly says

    You also left out the Yakuza spin off game Judgement out on the PS4 on the 25th.

  26. SCP - 1669 - 51 says

    3:15 I'm sorry, but once Ellen was overloaded by cuteness and became ultrasonic in her speech I wasn't able to keep track of what she was saying about cats with hoods.

    Any chance someone could translate her delighted purrs for me?

  27. TheRupertLitterbin says

    It's June already?! I really need to start planning my birthday… o_O

  28. Brandon Withnell says

    i cant wait for the new eso expansion, always wanted to see Elsweyr and expecially see all the differnt kinds of khajiit instead of just the regular humanoid ones, necromancer class is a good plus too i really want to try it out

  29. Nicholas Stauffer says

    A team of 5 people who do nothing but play video games and, when it comes to Crash Bandicoot, the best you got is "I played one level on a sampler disc one time'?

  30. FullMetalWhiteboy says

    You forgot Judgement! Spiritual successor to Yakuza!

  31. Dr. Thriller says

    I miss playing the original crash team racing, such a classic.
    Wished I had and Ps4 or Xbox one…. 🙁

  32. Raz176 says

    I don't like how Bloodstained is referred to as something 'you may not have heard of'. This game will be amazing. It's also the second most successful video game Kickstarter ever after Shenmue. IGA is a legendary game creator!

  33. Nicholas P says

    Yes! Would love lots of OXtra SMM2 Let's Plays!!

  34. mythlover20 says

    Ellen, you were told this before: Khajiit are people, too. Ask permission before you pet them.

  35. Rasmus Nielsen says

    Boring month as far as i can tell…

    One is a remake. One is just an expansion. One is a 2D platformer. One tries yet again to make you spend a lot of money on VR. One is basicly an update to an already existing game. Samurai Shodown looks cool, but not my cup of tea, and F1 is just another release with tiny adjustments each year! Let's hope July is better, but what i can see from looking at the stores, i'm not getting my hopes up, at least until a few months before the holiday season, maybe around September…

  36. b5901 says

    Mario Maker puts me in mind of the latest Hitman games with the ability to create and share one's contracts is great fun to play and I've seen a few other youtubers have a great time playing custom created contracts. I'm certain such a thing here on Outside Xtra would prove rather entertaining.

  37. Calmputer says

    "Motorsports continues to exist for another year" – Ellen.

    Sounds like she knows something we don't. Tell us, Ellen… what will happen to motorsports in a year?

  38. Tomas Johansson says

    He’s a brash candycoot.

  39. Dan Montgomery says

    I tried the free bloodstained "game with gold" release. Not sure how much earlier it was originally released but it looked really old. (I only played 3, the first two castlevania games and the one released on GBA, so I can't really say I know a whole bunch of the story)

  40. Shen Doodles says

    Dammit, why do so many good games keep coming out? I can't keep up with no income!

  41. Michael Fourie says

    Hope in a future Elder Scrolls game we get to go to or even just see Akavir, whats left of Yokuda, or even Lyg (which could make some interesting mechanics), or any of the other places outside and around Tamriel and not just stay within Tamriel.

  42. Jolie Phillips says

    if we're talking about a racing game that needs to happen, instead of fortnite, i present to you as a car game… overwatch

  43. Sir Ravix of Fourhorn says

    I need to get CTR!

  44. Barno says

    Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers hits early access for pre-orders on June 28th and I'm very, very ready.

  45. Andrew Gray says

    The only game I'm spending money on in June is the new title from the Yakuza franchise team called judgment. If you're finding remakes and expansions for your lists I think more actual new things should be looked for

  46. martinflyer 1 says

    Vacation simulator. For those that cant afford a real vacation. Thats 2019 for you

  47. CoffeePoweredKatie says

    The Necromancer class involves doing things with corpses? Hmmm. Could have worded that a little better Luke, juuuust saying.

    I mean, doing what exactly?

    Playing scrabble?

    Having a tea party?

  48. leoric21 says


    FIRST "its time for work boys" now "skele do good?"
    What episode did "left shark" come from?
    or "sarcastic Wonka" I always am in the dark on the good memes

    I was here for "Presh Mems" Why am I always here for the bad ones?

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