7 Videogame Urban Legends That Will Creep You Out

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Video-games have a long history and over the years many creepy urban legends have formed around certain games and their sinister back stories. Some of these scary gaming urban legends are simply myths and stories, while others are actually true… at least in part. In this video we look at some of the top scariest gaming urban legends that have popped up over the years and explain some videogame mysteries that may creep you out.

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  1. SCP-049 says

    Imagine polybius is actually an scp from the scp foundation and these man in black are agents from the foundation

  2. Smith Smith says

    Awesome and cool!

  3. ayalisse Cuales says

    Bro Ben drowned literally want to kill link and kill the πŸ˜‘πŸ”₯

  4. Alejandro Natanael Zafranco says

    That's all I know until this vid
    I like your vids btw


    When herobrine still existed we are still scared of him…

  6. Sprunti says

    I made this kind of vid too but its short

  7. Maanih Maahir says

    Im now scared now 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  8. Epic Axolotl says

    herobrine,ben drowned (my childhood)

  9. Turdo-7 says

    I feel so sorry for link in majoras mask he is a child having to save ruined by his own friend

  10. Lovingly__Chocolate says

    I see Ben I click Hehehehhehehe

  11. BAPS AVSEU2 says


  12. Axel Means-ennis says

    I love creepypasta and ben drowned, nina the killer, and the puppeteer. Ben drowned was my first story to read and discover and I still love it to this day!

  13. RaxorLP says

    i miss thos old myth times πŸ™

  14. akira lizzie says

    ben drowned is actually a creepypasta character and herobrine is a myth in minecraft if u have minecraft dont worry herobrine is just a myth thats all thanks for reading

  15. MUSCLE MAN Gaming says

    I've found a creepy glitch in Max Payne game. I saw a shadowy apparition that was passing by from door. I was shocked to discover it, because I've never saw it again. Maybe it was just a glitch or intended. But sure spooked the hell out of me back then.

  16. Dylan Quirino says

    It’s been 3 years and I still watch this

  17. STRYKER155 says

    is this skery😳

  18. VersedBadge1847 says

    Herobrine showed up quick like you said, I was playing Minecraft on my iPod when I was little and it freaked me out but got me excited to say he was real

  19. Harley Davidson says

    The only one of these that freaked me out was the ben drowned one

  20. Adog / nightfield says

    I think I know why polybius gives headaches and all the other effects: the optical allusions.

  21. Beryl says

    I haven't seen him a while

  22. Beryl says

    so uh leafs is gone then that means herobrine there

  23. Beryl says

    I already knew who's herobrine… it's been 2019 since I knew herobrine

  24. Metehan Emek says

    her superhorrorbro bonnie's bakery updated

  25. green says

    No not majora

  26. green says


  27. bl0zko says

    I remember I used to play skyrim all the time it was rly fun

  28. ken evans says


  29. Richard Delilah says

    petscop is a game I play but I don’t have the game

  30. Richard Delilah says


  31. Richard Delilah says

    I see creeper

  32. Megadrive Master says

    anyone have a link to this music?

  33. Jessica Candelaria says


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