9th Dawn III – Main Trailer – OUT NOW!

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Available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, iOS and Android NOW! Storefronts: http://valorware.squarespace.com/9th-dawn-iii

9th Dawn III is a huge 2D open world RPG and “collect-a-thon” dungeon crawler packed full of adventure, allowing you to explore dungeons filled with more than 270 unique monsters – and enough treasure, loot, and rare materials to last a lifetime. There are also 1,400 uniquely drawn items to collect – including more than 300 weapons and 550 armor types and accessories!

Equip your best gear and journey across the fields of Ashwick, snowy regions of Halstom, dense forests of Vlak, and perilous Hollow Mountains of Scorn as you embark on an epic quest!

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  1. Bradley Allen says

    I loved this game.

    9th Dawn IV when?!?!?

  2. Naulfumi says

    0:30 ну нифига… где вы столько данжей нашли то? Какие то модификации?

  3. Tony Martone says

    Just started this game tonight, and absolutely loving it so far!! The trailer doesn't do it justice…it's very intuitive, funny characters, love the graphics, they really set and keep the tone…gonna empty alot of hrs immersed into this game I can tell

  4. Naulfumi says

    Вопоос… а где найти Iron ore M ?

  5. Naulfumi says

    Здрасьте… где это на карте есть огромное колво данжей?

  6. Stefan Onderdelinden says

    You guys nailed it! Congratz

  7. Games Media says

    Is this removed from the Xbox store?

  8. Drunken Delver says

    I just got this on my Switch. I won't lie, the trailer makes the combat look a bit overwhelming, but I'm so glad I gave your game a shot. It's pretty damn amazing, especially from a one-person developer. You do great work, and you can bet I'll be following you from now on. Keep being awesome. 🙂

    As a side note, I love the addition of Fyued. It's like you took Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8, streamlined it, and added better strategy and longevity to each game. How did you do that?! 🤯

    No joke, if there was a physical card game of Fyued, I would absolutely play it. 🙂

  9. Daniel Olinda says


  10. Siva Rama Raju K says

    I didn't know 3 got released. Pretty hyped!!!

  11. One For All says

    i hate 9th dawn and 9th dawn 2

    but i really falling in love with 9th dawn 3
    especially with a mini game called fyeud card
    its make me addicted to playing fyeud card game

  12. Ricardo Lima says

    What a challenging game… fantastic. I would recommend

  13. JacobOlli says

    Found this game, randomly on Twitter. Definitely gonna buy on PS4!

  14. Caceres says

    Espero que algún día esté en español para Android

  15. laney janey says

    I love your games

  16. Vírus_For.O Login says

    best rpg 2d of 2020 !!!

  17. The Dungeon Dive says

    This game is great! The Dungeon Dive approved! 🙂

  18. Christof Classen says

    My Problem is, you updated the PC and IOS Version (2 Updates in 1 Day) very often and the XBOX ONE Version has no UPDATEs ;(

    Problem Number 2 is, the Main-Stats (the 3 colored Bars in the left upper corner) have no Numbers, so you dont know how much Hitpoints, Stamina and Magic you have and you dont know how much you must Heal and so far ;(

    Other Stats are needet too, you cant see the Stats you become from Items, or other Stuff, the only two Stats you can see are Attack and Defense ;(

    In 9th dawn II you can see the Numbers from the 3 Main-Stats, why not in the newer game ??!

    Without Stats i cant play this Game anymore ;(

  19. Maxime Vézina says

    Looks really cool, I have a question though, is there mounts ?

  20. demp sky says


  21. Galactic says

    Picked it up on Switch, pretty excited to get started looks really cool!

  22. Ingo Icognito says

    My Companion and my creature is dead how can I rezz them?

  23. iwatch420 says

    Please support and bug fix the switch version ! Love the game just some minor bugs that need to be ironed out thanks for this awesome game Valorware!

  24. Paris Campos says

    Any place in game i can buy cards? I keep losing them in games cause im bad lol

  25. feraldrgn says

    There seems to be a bug in the Switch version.
    Enemy drops in the Hunting Journal disappear, not sure what causes it.
    EDIT: ok so saving & quitting the game, then reloading it seems to help trigger this bug again, getting the drop again does re-register them but it's not saving the entry permanently (it disappears again when you quit the game). Please fix.

  26. Professor Pillows says

    looks amazing cannot wait to play!

  27. 5000Rox says

    Save the lands from destruction.
    Me after using all sort of massive destruction aoe spells.
    Maybe I am the monster. But I don't care.

  28. masingita says

    Nice, i found this on discord and it looks epic

  29. Keeto says

    I didn't know it is released then a friend of mine sent the play store link to me, I'm so excited to play it!

  30. Paris Campos says

    I just bought it on my xbox one x. Completely addicted.

  31. Тарас Тарас says

    Great work , played the second part it was good , and this one seems to be awesome , pc rpg experience on ur phone.

  32. MrPine Kindasneaky says

    Wow ur games are great , its been a whule for me playing something on android , last thing was morrowind and serious sam , and this year i ve senn already 2 great rpg games on android Atom rpg and ur 9th Dawn 3

  33. Dyah_x_Wolf says

    Buying it to support you guys have a nice day 🤧

  34. Alias says

    Shut up and take my money!

    Only question: PS4 or Switch? 🤔

  35. YabiGalit says

    Genshin Impact killer. jk!

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