A PLAGUE TALE INNOCENCE "Sean Bean Poem" Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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A PLAGUE TALE INNOCENCE “Sean Bean Poem” Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
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  1. Game Bros says

    Anyone else is a cycle of play repeat

  2. Amazing 101 says

    This music almost sound like Stark theme from GOT.

  3. Frank Hernandez says

    better than GOT S8

  4. Frank Hernandez says

    at 0:19 the night was dark….. and full of terror

  5. der Deutsche ODST says

    Hm never before has a poem hit me in such a way

  6. Eric Naylor says

    Did anyone else think at first that Sean Bean in this was supposed to be Hugo de Rune as an adult?

  7. SeVeNzeRa says

    Game of Thrones Fans Here

  8. Esoteric Grave says

    wonder if he paused on the "The night was dark.." because if he continued the line there would be copyright issues. Thus they assumed having Sean Bean read it would allow everyone to continue the line for him.

  9. zubeyr etwaree says

    Sound track sounds familiar

  10. Adam Mancheski says

    Sean bean do another tv show dammit!!

  11. Stella Angeles says

    STARK theme at the beginning :O

  12. Doggi says

    0:19 and full of terrors?

  13. Aesthetic Decision says

    Hopefully Sean Bean doesn't die here

  14. S G M de Paz says

    Muere seguro durante el juego

  15. Matheus Salabert says


  16. Cucutero Rocke says

    Winter is comming!

  17. JUST A FAN says

    how many times we have to teach you this lesson old man ??

  18. Jorge Fdez says

    Guess he dies

  19. Rebi Demirel says

    "SPOİLER" He is dying at the end of the poem.

  20. Thom Guem says

    Spoil : He die

  21. Andrej Kovacevic says


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