ABOMINABLE Trailer (2019) Animation Movie

“Animation Movie” trailer

ABOMINABLE Trailer (2019) Animation Movie

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PLOT: A magical Yeti must return to his family.

CAST: Albert Tsai, Chloe Bennet, Sarah Paulson

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  1. Carolina Cruz says

    I want to see it

  2. Night Mare66 says

    Songg?? Please

  3. Scarlet Witch says

    What’s the song for this trailer it goes like ? You can go your own way?

  4. Stanfordz Barzo says


  5. Dark Soul says


  6. Sarala Hembram says

    Full movie plzz..

  7. Michael Phillips says

    Everest, that male yeti. It's really weird I want to hug him and smooch him and have him as a snuggle buddy. He looks like a hugger.

  8. MonsieurChris Gaming says

    Is technically how to train your dragon

  9. Tab_AbodiPlays says

    I feel like the main characters are too steong

  10. Julie Hansen says

    The fat boy reminds me of Chuck from The Maze Runner

  11. Sumati Bedare says

    Trailer is waaw ?I 'm exited about this movie

  12. mharskie gale says


  13. Black Lin says

    Looks like an animated version of Yeti

  14. I Don't Care says

    Rock dog

  15. Geekboi says

    What is with children's companies sudden obsession with Yetis!?

  16. Andi Armeina 7 says

    I think abominable is going to be a great movie. But i don't like the idea of it's poster. People who've seen the poster first, thought that dreamworks makes a rip off from their own movie

  17. Remnants says

    So… YETI GOD

  18. Dovyeon says

    I'll watch it on Netflix
    Seeing movies in theaters is in the past

  19. Mr Greedy says

    K den

  20. telly diana dayondon says

    This is what you get when chinese invest in hollywood… Its ridiculous movie dreamworks what happened?

  21. Himawan Aziz says

    better onward trailer than this

  22. CreatorZ says

    Couldn’t decide original title:
    Chinese Okja
    Asian Bumblebee
    Big Heroine 6
    White Minions
    Smallfoot 2

  23. Chris TV says

    Magic Instrument, escaping people who want a protagonist who has magical powers with a team of side characters.

    …yeah, that's basically Kubo and The Two Strings

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