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AUSTIN CREED visits THE HOUSE that AJ STYLES….bought? Creed checks out THE PRINCE OF PHENOMENAL’S insane retro video game collection that extends throughout his entire home! What super rare arcade systems does Styles have stored in his house? Check it out in this special edition of RETRO STYLES!

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  1. Smitty werbenjagerman jensen says

    Aj is one of the last guys in wwe i thought would be into this stuff.

  2. Jacob L Turner says

    Treamcast is named that because it was a "travel dreamcast" so they just kinda combined the words. would have been a lot funnier if it was based on the creators name being like Tim or something like that.

  3. Jacos. says

    Just a couple Georgia boys.

  4. Mary White says

    Video games are for children notadults should not play with children toys

  5. Mary White says

    Respect aj styles put video games are for children

  6. Micah Wendell says

    Wow, I'm blown away by AJ's collection. That's a serious retro gamer right there.

  7. Joe Utofka says

    ehh def not the first wire less controllers i have some original in box wireless for atari lol

  8. Broken Girl says

    Austin is so handsome, just had to say.

  9. The truth says

    now I knw who to rob . plz show me where your gold and money is as well. lol .

  10. Charlie Jordan says

    Great video!😎👍

  11. Smoke Dizzle says

    This was better than any episode of MTV cribs

  12. Darc Seid says


  13. Mogau Mahlaola says

    Don't Y'all play any FIFA games

  14. SlackBros Inc! says

    i SEEN gold punch out game go for 400 nice game bro

  15. Tim Clark says

    AJ you were thinking of “SUPER BURNOUT” for Atari Jaguar…. It was my favorite Jaguar game too 💥

  16. Super Jae Thrillz says

    The arcade cabinet AJ styles got from Maryland I'm pretty sure one of my deliveries is next to the shop it's an old garage shop that sales old arcade cabinets

  17. Omar Esparza says

    Did he Mean JetMoto ?? like on the PS1 ?

  18. jblue88hoodgamer says

    I wonder does A.J. has more games an consoles then AVGN=Angry Video game Nerd for those who doesn't know.

  19. jblue88hoodgamer says

    I bet when A.J Style s go to Game Stop he sits back an Laugh 😅🤣

  20. Junior Lifter says

    An unopened Punch Out still wrapped 😭 My goodness!

  21. Junior Lifter says

    AJ must be a true gamer to know nobody could afford Neo Geo!

  22. Jerad Connoyer says

    Snes wireless was predated by NES satellite….so no…not first wireless

  23. RussellMuscle says

    Wrestlemania 18 and 19 on gamecube, twilight princess on gamecube, windwaker….gamecube was legit

  24. Thomas Henry says

    Did you ever play the play the goonies on the famacom and that is awesome a collection i still have my playstation games yet

  25. ShowNuffDaKing says

    How am i just finding out about upupdowndown! I remember back in AJ TNA days him saying he was a huge gamer and him playing the ng4 import virtual pro wrestling 2

  26. Florian Fasquelle says

    He's passionnated, it's very nice

  27. Neo Milw says

    OMG. What an awesome setup

  28. Young Odin says

    Can you hear me ?
    Yeah we can hear you
    Oh it works ok come in
    Lmao 🤣

  29. KalzCity says

    I get told the same thing about my Sony wega tv ..games do not look good on flat screens!!

  30. Ronnie&Steph Coffman says

    Nice collection

  31. Devin Morrison says

    I love Aj and Austin creed but IM NOT SEEING ANY PS2 LOVE!!!!

  32. an0therDimensi0n says

    it is good to see fit gamers.
    get tired of FAT PIGS with a lisp representing gaming.

  33. Al - Sternhammer says

    Man AJ Styles is both phenomenal in the ring but now a phenomenal retro gamer too

  34. Eric says

    Watching this today. I Wonder how looks the actual collection right now. This guy seems surprisingly humble to be a long time superstar. Some great Goldmines there. Don't need to be too neat to have a nice collection. Well done 👍

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