Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey – 101 Trailer EP2: Expand

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To survive in the dangerous world of Neogene Africa, you must find strength in numbers as you expand your clan and territory. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is coming to Xbox One in December 2019.

EXPAND is the second video in our three-part 101 series where Creative Director Patrice Désilets discusses the need to grow your clan’s size in order to evolve your species. However, resources are limited and your clan will need to find new sources of food, water, and shelter to survive. Discover new homes for your clan by venturing into the unknown and conquer fear in order to expand your territory.


  1. Peter Kazavis says

    Were you inspired by Evo?

  2. Cleiton Lima says

    Só lixo, Microsoft me envergonha as vezes

  3. kurgon1976 says

    Very interesting!!! finally, something that's thought provoking.

  4. Salamander Fry says

    Looks like Joe Rogans gonna have to drop Quake

  5. Mat Vicens says

    Spokesperson: Joe Rogan. Your welcome.

  6. Chris Miller says

    when will this be out?

  7. Michael Levesque says

    Hopefully it plays and looks better than the pre alpha lol

  8. Josh Joseph says

    This looks ingenious.

  9. Tharen Gore says

    Looks very interesting definitely something to keep an eye on.

  10. That's how mafia works says

    Alabama: Incestors

  11. Cav L says


  12. Csaba Györke says

    Like the Detroit: Become Human's contrary!

  13. Phixiq says

    Hmmm I want

  14. JHONYO BRAVA says

    We must show this off to Joe Rogan! He’ll love it!
    Joe ‘’Forget Quake, I’m playing Ancestors now!” Rogan…

  15. adolfo zaragoza says

    Reminds me of that Dinosaur game for the og xbox….B.C I believe that was the name.

  16. velociraptor4you says

    Impressive! ??

  17. MsJoshisfat says

    I hope in the 2nd game or so we get to see Neanderthals and other human like species

  18. Nick Ducharne says

    I need to play this

  19. Cardboardguy 14 says

    Can I play as BigFoot?

  20. Jose Luz says

    I'm so aped to play this.

  21. Evan Santos says

    The church doesn't approve this game

  22. Don contino says

    At least it’s fictional.

  23. Rhinopocalypes says

    I don't believe in this stuff but itll be interesting to see how it would work first hand.

  24. H20Rumble672 says

    Preorder now to get bigfoot

  25. Dio says

    This seems really good.

  26. EenGamer says

    Assassin's creed Africa

  27. Mohammed Amine says


  28. Name LastName says

    ima be MönKËÿ

  29. madDog gaming says

    Hope they dont add pay to win

  30. ThisIsMyGlock40 says

    Can I fight other clans and take over the jungle like it's prehistoric Los Santos

  31. Johnathan D. Hill says

    Seaman 2.0 (my Dreamcast players know what I'm saying)

  32. Christopher Arocha says

    Looks lame

  33. MCV Viankana says

    the 99 dislikes are religitards who are crying because this game isnt following their delusions and instead being factual ….gutted …

  34. Caleb Hastings says

    That fur looks so bad…

  35. Mortikate Gaming says

    Needs enemy animals like bears,lions,mammoths,and dinosaurs

  36. Gareth Coetzee says

    Wow this game looke boring af

  37. Storme's Gameplay says

    Thank God, i was hoping this was coming to Xbox

  38. Uriel Septim says

    The strong and intelligence will survive.

  39. slyfox373 says

    Not my ancestors lol

  40. Mikey Randazzo says

    I’ve been wanting to learn more about evolution, so I’ll most likely get this game!

  41. Cybernetic Ritual says

    Been waiting for this game.

  42. Bruno Costa says

    Que porra esses caras da Microsoft têm na cabeça?

  43. Thunder Lips says

    This looks incredible

  44. Ridah4Christ916 says

    This game looks really incredible it's a day one buy for me.

  45. BLOODNUT87 says

    isnt this the other upload on the other channel…gee your late xbox again lol

  46. Scawn88 says

    If I can't throw my own poo… I wll be disappointed!

  47. PURE VOID says

    Bro. Can’t wait love unique games like this

  48. Michael says


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