Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

  1. Alejandro Mazariegos says

    The show looks good hopefully they don’t make it like another western shooting show.

  2. Jean-Francois Gagnon says

    I'm all in, LET'S GO!!

  3. Paige Rohrer says


  4. FIDreams says

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me, and then I learn I'm not falling for it again.

    I'll pass

  5. kertoipcrass says

    Автомат Калашникова образц in STAR WARS ! No!!!!

  6. weasley potter says

    another British director saves the day. Rogue One British. Andor British…..Yep facts

  7. Levi Brown says

    0:07 man has an ak47

  8. Renee Cutchen says

    The day is almost here!! So excited for 3 episode premiere 🖤

  9. Con Mak says

    Disney keeps delivering on the Star Wars franchise. Every time you see another show coming up you immediately think "not another one" but then you sit down and watch it and it turns out to be really good. Going by this trailer Disney look like the may have done it again.

  10. Crimson Hawk says

    Why do the Rouge One people do such a good job?? The other star wars people need to learn from these guys.

  11. In Flames says

    Саундтрек огонь 💥

  12. TomA-13 says

    Why is everything a series😭

  13. Nikolai Stoykov says

    Make star wars open source!

  14. Ania G says

    Not liking this at all. Woke message is overwhelming in this one. It's basically today's world disguised as "Star wars" tv show.

  15. _CloudMC_ says

    So exited 😁

  16. Hilmi UYSAL says

    "Make ten men feel like a hundred."
    let's see what is going to happen


    More Disney filth

  18. Orneryboy says


  19. Jason K says


  20. Victor Short says

    You know it’s gonna be high quality when 98% of the characters have a British accent.

  21. elitemage101 says

    They castes Boris in this!? Im hype.

    (HBO – Chernobyl)

  22. chubacca52 says

    You have to give credit to Rogue One for making this possible

  23. Galactic Eternal Hyena says

    Saw today in short ads about this serie. Btw i'm looking for it since it was announced. This wednesday is gonna be awesome!

  24. elitemage101 says

    Gritty StarWars is the best star wars. Rogue One, The Old Republic cinematic, Battlefront games, The Mandolorian, The Clone Wars (TV).

    All of these hit harder and capture my imagination so much more than the main 9. Andor will join that list!

  25. Richard says

    I hope it will be a dark and serious serie! That's the rebellion! That's the dictatorship of the empire!

  26. Kk man says

    This looks amazing

  27. deniro800 says

    This is the way.

  28. Neo Greene says

    Is that an AK?

  29. The_Ender says

    I am getting vibes of what’s currently going on at my college. Students, staff and faculty rising up against the board. This being the start of our fight against the board.

  30. 35_Natan Afryandono_XITKRO2 says

    yang gw tunggu tunggu

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