Andor – Official Trailer Reaction

  1. Carter Dippold says

    Star Wars meets Game of Thrones LOL

  2. Daniel D'Amore says

    Follow me here …. Whitney Houston – “I Will Always Love You” … “… AND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIeeeeeeIiiiiiiiiiiii will always love youuuu” … except … “AN….:DORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR will always love youuuuuuu”

  3. Tyler Brown says

    Jay – The Empire is bad because they blew up a planet to prove a point. That's evil.

  4. DevastateOrionVII says

    Another story about the rebels vs the empire, can we do something new please? 😖

  5. Charles Mitchell says

    Also, not set on or around Tatooine!!!!!! Not a grain of sand in sight!

  6. DarkHawk 18 says

    This looks amazing! What’s just as awesome too is that, as a big fan of Rogue One, I can’t wait to see Andors character development as Diego Luna is an awesome actor, and if you didn’t appreciate Rogue One before this, you absolutely will after!

  7. Ivan Smoll says

    Visually, from a cinematography and CGI standpoint this is above anything else that we've seen. In my opinion BoBF and Obi-Wan felt cheap at times. But this?….I like this…

    I reeeaalllly hope this delivers because Star Wars from a show standpoint has been stumbling.

  8. Mara Mackenzie-Mann says

    Given the amount of people who have died whenever the Dark Side is in play, I'd say its pretty fair for it to be viewed negatively. Like that time Darth Maul slaughtered an entire settlement to draw out Obi-Wan, including the kids. Or when Anakin slaughtered an entire village to avenge his mother, including the kids. Or when Ventress slaughtered countless Clones on Kamino including Commander Colt who she impaled on her lightsaber.
    True the Dark Side is not inherently evil, it is like the Light as in a culmination of feelings its only that the Dark is mainly hate and fear and anguish instead of compassion and knowledge and serenity. But using the Dark Side will lead to destruction. And its been show that it is also inherently self-destructive, twisting the motives of those who use it until they lose their original goal, more often than not being the ones yo destroy it themselves. (Anakin wanted his family to be safe, ended up losing them. Ventress wanted to belong, became so powerful she was viewed as a threat and nearly murdered. Dooku wanted the galaxy to heal and achieve peace, the war he started with Sidious only tore it apart.)

  9. Mark Bowman says

    Rouge One was the Stars War movie I was waiting for. Those creators work is showing here. The cast is epic. I agree, hope to see no light sabers or force flips. This struggle is at the ground level. In your face.

  10. Dark Elite D says

    think of the force like a battery. Light and dark positive and negative charges The dark side gets a bad rap because the system in place attracts a certain personality type (masters choose their apprentices). Continuing the cycle of over emotional, self indulgent power hungry, bullies who will do anything for "unlimted powah".

  11. ScrappyTracy says

    You get 'em, Jay! I agree with you about the Empire/Dark Side explanation.

  12. Gaz Ward says

    I could be wrong but if they do throw in a lightsabre character could it be in the time frame for cal from fallen order.

  13. ketchup016 says

    Visually, it looks great. As long as it's decently written I think I'll like it.

  14. Jerone says

    No one is gonna mention seeing starkiller in the trailer hahaha

  15. Lex is says

    You better watch Andor 😝

  16. sportshash says

    The prequels had political intrigue that ppl bitched were to much at the time. You may get Palpatine and Vader & inquistors maybe in S2 as they're very active during this time. I'm all for more on the empire but if you watched Clone Wars its shown ravaging plant resources, slavery yk those evil type things.

  17. Rachel Picheo says

    There are only 2 Sith because they kept messing up when there was more than 2. So, a thousand years before TPM Darth Bane was like "Listen, Only 2 now. SInce you can't all work together". However, DarkSide users are not Sith. Witches of Dathomir and others exist. Also,thousands of years ago force users were more Gray. As in they did not split the Force into two sides. What I think happened is some people started abusing the dark side making it harsher. To the point where touching the Dark Side could make you lose yourself. Therefore the Jedi were formed to help users stay in the light.

  18. tkreft1128 says

    Star Wars political drama at the start of the rebellion? Lets go.

  19. Jonathan Laxton says

    Mon Mothma won't die and I'm pretty sure the younger girl is Jyn Urso

  20. BLACKKCINAMA Critic says

    Movie budget????

  21. a35362 says

    Did you just say, "The Dark side could MARKET ITSELF so much better"??

  22. Sack the Bastard says

    Ehhh they’ve portrayed many times why the empire is evil. If you aren’t convinced by now then idk what else to tell you.

  23. OGHawkeye666 says

    I think series like this are the future of Star Wars. The stories are so rich and lore packed a lot of time they need room to breath and not being shaved down to be fit into the box of a 2 to 2 and a half hour movie. Hopefully the success of this show helps green light more shows like it for Star Wars

  24. Thomas Smart says

    mmm fermented pockets!

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