Animator Trailer 2018 Levenix Riddle McKenzie Chinn Logan Hall

“Animation Movie” trailer

What would YOU do if you could draw the future and erase the past? That’s what Neal, has to figure out after he is mysteriously gifted with this astonishing power. Should Neal use his power to change the world? Or for selfish gain? (What would YOU do?) Commercial artist Neal Stewart takes an animation class with a mysterious professor that connects him to the ancient Griots of West Africa and the power to draw the future. When his girlfriend commits suicide, he learns he can erase the past with chilling consequences. An artist gains the power to draw the future and erase the past. He uses it to win the lottery and gain his dream job. When faced with a test of his relationship, he learns the power can also erase the past. But that change has chilling consequences. Animator commercial is after the news report.
Directed By: Logan Hall
Cast: Levenix Riddle, McKenzie Chinn, Geno Walker, Anita Chandwaney, Maurice Demus, Tyla Abercrumbie, Cedric Young, Phillip Edward Van Lear, Tony Bozzuto, Dominique Worsley, Toya Turner, Daria Johns, Sasha Daltonn, Sam Guinan-Nyhart, José Antonio García


  1. Antonio Navarrete says

    What is this?

  2. Ace Hardy says

    Keep going 💪💯

  3. Gerrie herwijnen says

    This is filmed Whit Nokia 3310 ?? Damnnnnnn

  4. Abby Sheyba says

    Looks cheap. Don't even know what's happening.

  5. Leandro Decibel says

    que tosquice de merda

  6. Rasmus Joo says


  7. farhan irfan says

    Look trailer nah.. When read description.. Wow blow my mind

  8. Sherwood CS says


  9. K. De. says

    After watching what was supposed to be the trailer, I wouldn't waste my time on this movie.

  10. Lucca EMULATESTER says

    At first I didn't understand anything, but at the end it seemed like I was at the beginning.

  11. RogueMandala says

    Is this supposed to be a trailer? Ok, even if the acting looks reasonable, the point of a trailer is supposed to be to tease the movie, engage the viewer's interest and ask questions which they should be driven to find the answer by going to see the film. Not by flinging a bunch of disparate clips at your NLE software and leaving people even more confused than when they went in.

  12. The Rap Vault says


  13. fiqipraramadhan says

    very low-key

  14. Kermmett Frogger says

    This movie seems to be very unique with original dialogue & plot. The acting also looks realistic. This is a type of movie I would buy online. Thanks for the upload!

  15. Ditul Kalita says

    Trailer ko gand mai daal bhskrike 🤐

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