Anita Andreis ➤ BOBO Official Trailer (2018) Animation Movie HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

One magical evening, the smallest of boys dared to dream to escape his perspective…and dream big. His journey takes him far and wide. Adventure in places he had never before dreamt of…

Bobo is the story about the smallest little boy in the world whose wish to grow up took him to an unexpected, fantastic journey.

The simple form of a children’s tale with a universal message speaks to all generations regardless of cultural, religious, political, national, ethnic or other contexts. The story of a little boy deals with the universal problem of fitting in. It is a story about a journey between two similar and infinitely different worlds within the same universe, a story of a journey from the world of misconception to a world of knowledge, from a world of inhibition to a world of fearless freedom, from a world of fictitious unhappiness to an imaginary world of happiness.

Scriptwriter, Animator, Director: Andrej Rehak
Composer: Anita Andreis
Sound Design: Damir Rončević
Sound Advisor: Richard Edgeler
Technical Assistant: Tomislav Kaučić
Executive Producer: Andrijana Vidacek
Producers: Vinko Brešan, Krešimir Zimonić, Matija Pisačić

Please watch: “Anita Andreis ▶ ????(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) ”


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  1. archie09 says

    Wonderful Anita, looks and sounds fantastic x

  2. BLAKEOTRON says

    This animation is amazing!!!

  3. David Walsh says


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