APEX LEGENDS Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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APEX LEGENDS Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
© 2019 – EA

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  1. komfortliinumb says

    O great another battle royal game… no thanks

  2. Carlos Villalobos Zedano says

    Someone knows the background music

  3. Jack McCann says

    i'm gonna play this just because it's a titanfall game. i had such a blast with Titanfall 2 and i hope this lives up to the same quality

  4. Christian Gennari says

    I have to say, whoever made this trailer, really good work!

  5. Butcher says

    Don’t think I wouldn’t notice the beatsaber music in the background… anyways I’m not a fan of battle royals but I’m really loving Apex legends

  6. Bubbly Jubbly says

    Fuck off. I’m not playing another BR game. ESPECIALLY one that’s published by EA.

  7. Kingdom2010 says

    Been playing since a bit after launch yesterday, it's actually a lot of fun. And pretty much plays just like the trailer as well!

  8. Soumil Singh says

    The only reason I am gonna buy this is if know the money they get from this game will be used to develop Titanfall 3.

  9. Toxic Death says

    Apex is actually a good game competitive too

  10. Dangerous Fry says

    Gross an EA title… not to mention another battle royale smh, no thanks

  11. Epigone says

    I usually don't give two shits about another generic battle royal game, but since it's Respawn I'll give it a chance.

  12. SOLACE says

    Titanfall 3 looks nice. Isn't that the voice of Kyle Crane from Dying light at 1:13 ?

  13. Ian 107 says

    okay….OKAY. I can work with this!

  14. El MaFiAs sAnChEz says

    Error 105 on PS4 help

  15. Vloetje says

    Beat Saber, present!

  16. Escanor Anthom says

    Titan Fall 3

  17. esh_56ho says


  18. Rodrigo Assolini says

    top mano opens a gameplay channel recorded by you Brazilian in the area

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