Apex Legends Gameplay Trailer

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Conquer with character in Apex Legends™, a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary challengers fight for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Choose from a roster of unique characters and experience the next evolution of battle royale.
Play for free now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC: http://x.ea.com/55914

Music: Legend (ft. Backchat) – Performed by Jaroslav Beck and Generdyn


  1. Kevin Trinidad :v says


  2. BOOM BOX CREW says

    Love this game

  3. Midget Llama says

    1:22, then immediately after, Bloodhound calmly stood up and killed Pathfinder because the Mozambique can’t kill anything

  4. Joshua Wai says

    0:26 Alternator
    0:43 Wingman
    0:55 Peacekeeper
    1:03 Mastiff
    1:09 Flatline
    1:22 Mozambique
    1:28 Wingman again

  5. OgShAwDoW _400 says

    Apex legends is better than fortnite

  6. MysteryMelon3 says

    After playing titanfall 2 for do long I remember seeing this on launch and I was amazed and I was so puzzled how different this game was

  7. Bye Lol says

    I hate apex fortnite is better and no it is not taking over

  8. Oh gay Gay says

    Guys I’m from the future………

    this game is ded

  9. Calavera Knight says

    To bad respawn let it die slowly

  10. aman mhatre says

    Apex legends PS4 no game start

  11. Studio H says

    Beat Saber music lol

  12. Iluminus Ômega Force says

    Apex legends need new maps

  13. beastmaster64 pokemon says

    The hunt begins

  14. Dyako Ari - gaming and trips says

    Man electronic arts are very hard working but this game is made in 2019 and usually at a start of the game it will be bad till there are several updates but this game has good graphics and good abilities without several updates impressive!

  15. James 2 says

    Avengers Power Copied

  16. Роман Шавлов says

    Ржекичь… Теперь школота будет и в это играть считая себя геймерами…

  17. sebasli111 escobar says

    Solo mode plis

  18. Drake Coldman says

    For Those who think Fortnite for kids.
    For Those who think PUBG for 40s.

    You are welcome, you find game in 20s

  19. LW Lim says

    When is apex legends on Nintendo switch?

  20. anasvasil says

    pupg died from fortnite and fortnite from APEX

  21. Channel 355 says

    One ?=Apex>Fartknife

  22. farid jarrar says

    better than pubg and fortnite

  23. a flamingo says

    Hey Apex you want to know something dumb? people are already making those stupid fake ads where THIS GAME, YES APEX is on mobile

  24. Нет такого в игре.

  25. d2 i1 says

    what music?

  26. Canadian Magd says

    I think that fortnite and apex legends will BOTH be the best.

  27. Varun L. says

    Name of Song in The Background ?

  28. Gamesinyoface Derp says

    Song off beat saber alright

  29. JSB BAURI says

    Apex Legends is my fbrt game

  30. OnceAgain says

    1:22 MoZaMbiQuE hErE

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