April NPD Video Game Sales Results – Analysis / Breakdowns / Grading my Predictions

  1. D/D/D Eez nuts says

    Netherrealm is the biggest in terms of sales?, have to disagree friend smash bros ultimate is the biggest fighting game ever, tekken is the franchise with the most sales across all games, injustice and tekken 7 did just about the same Numbers with the difference being tekken 7 still get dlc to this day while injustice 2 doesnt and mk sales as big as they are this days still doesnt compare to street fighters iv 9 million copies, i think you might have a bias here ese

  2. Falco Peregrinus says

    We need leaked hardware numbers!   And %age breakdown for MK11 by platform!

  3. Rick Grayson says

    Loving the channel btw.

  4. Rick Grayson says

    Hardware looks to be boring going forward into next gen. Days Gone and MK were the Cinderella stories and it's good to see. Xbox is pretty much ghost.

  5. Mohamad Alkhdiri says

    How is Days Gone holding in the current month?

  6. TheRandomGuy says

    Great vid bro

  7. Justin says

    I thought something was off about the April NPD b/c World War Z was nowhere to be seen in the top 20 even though we know it did close to 2 million in the first month. However I found out that the publisher apparently doesn't supply digital data to NPD so that explains why it wasn't there. It has been on top of the Xbox digital charts and was #3 on the April PS Store charts so if they did I'm sure it would've been there.

  8. Subarashii says

    Xbox tee! WHAT A SHILL! Joking, love your content Benji.

  9. Benji-Sales says


    I misspoke on something pretty major here on accident. What I mean to say was MK11 was the first 3rd party game top place Number 1 on Switch since Mario and Rabbids. What I accidentally said was it was the first Top 10. Apologies for that one, hope you enjoy the video

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