As Dusk Falls Trailer | Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

  1. Barış GÜRBÜZ says


  2. Boogie Thug Rose says


  3. MasterX says

    This is on of those games that you can just watch on youtube and enjoy like a movie.

  4. xLastDescendant says

    State of decay ?

  5. Ashley Williams says

    Cheers to the artists. Looks beautiful
    Idk if I can do the constant choppy. It’s like you watching it with bad internet
    And I’m confused by the cars being normal

  6. Alex28 says


  7. Semsel Santos says

    ill past

  8. Cameron Archer says

    Everyone complaining probably skipped life is strange and tell me why too. The story shapes how you react to the situations.

  9. Poo Teeth Keith says

    I love all life is strange games and walking dead, but after seeing this trailer I won't be playing this, it looks like a cheap made comic game.

  10. BITW Awesome says

    Romance girl .

  11. BITW Awesome says


  12. Jonathan Walmsley says

    Yeah I'm afraid the visual style here just doesn't really work – something half-way between a comic book and a game, as opposed to being one or the other. Kinda robs both mediums of their strenghts. It's a shame, as the branching story spanning decades is a cool concept for this type of interactive narrative.

  13. Stefan Walczak says

    I definitely appreciate the artistic choice. It seems interesting to blend the storybook aesthetic with the 3D animation of the cars though. Overall, it deserves a chance. I love games trying to do something different like this.

  14. Matro says

    Looks good. Will play on release.

  15. Michael Calleo says

    Looks like a stinker

  16. Fillup says

    If you’re gonna take all this time making an interactive cutscene game with multiple story paths and outcomes why not bother actually animating it? I see what they’re going for but it just looks lazy and frankly it makes me nauseous…

  17. James Ruffin says

    I Love Games Like This! Change Is Good! I Like When Companies Think 🤔 💭 Outside The Box.. I Have This Game Preinstalled On My Series X This Games Isn’t For Everybody But Those Who Like These Kinda Games Love Em..

  18. Izwrex says

    (Sigh) the game. Is just. Cutscenes


    What is this man?

  20. JIM BEACH SR says

    I wouldn't waste 30.00 for a game that has motion lag like a page being flipped. Rather play the new game The Quarry.

  21. Nachtigall says

    It looks like some kind of april fools joke

  22. Visual comic book? Not for me

  23. KiiD KieF - Topic says

    Looks like a cheesy music video

  24. Jacob K. says

    If this was a teaser trailer, would've been a good one, but the fact this is the gameplay trailer is extremely disappointing

  25. Russian Bot says

    Premise sounded good. Then I see this shit. Wtf

  26. Tripp McGee says

    I don’t mean to be this guy but this looks like shit 😂

  27. Dave L says

    When they said "Two Rock" I heard "Turok" and now my dissapointment is keen.

  28. Elijah Jones says

    Looks decent…I guess…

  29. Zero - The Average Gamer says

    I seen the trailer elsewhere and thought it looked cool. Then noticed it said it was a Gameplay trailer…
    I'm like WTF kind of game is this? It's an interactive drama, then Xbox wonders why it's the laughingstock of exclusive

  30. RogueSpartan 285 says

    If they really wanted to tell a story, and couldn't be bother to make it an actual game, couldn't they have just… made a film out of it? Indie films are also a thing.

  31. AbsolutelyNoOne6206 says

    They’ve been making these games that have great stories but they turn around and make this like this.. What a waste

  32. Giantgkpro says

    PowerPoint: The Game

  33. squidbate says

    well…. atleast it’s free with game pass

  34. Lancer says

    This looks…. Very bad

  35. Guilherme Costa says

    Oh boy, I don't like to judge a game before I play it, but…that doesn't look very good.

  36. Tucunaré da Silva says


  37. Ethan Cooper says

    I really like this aesthetically, but actually watching it gives me motion sickness

  38. all about footie says

    actually thought it was gonna be a good game.. looks terrible lol

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