Assamese Cartoon Love story ❤️My True Love❤️ Official Trailer

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Watch Assamese Cartoon Love story short film animated Trailer of ‘My True Love’ – Animated Romantic Assamese Love Story Short Film. This is of the category Assamese Cartoon Love story. Featuring Original song – ‘Open up my Heart’ by Foster.
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This film will trace the origins of Rahul and Rosy’s love story in cartoon animation, from their first meeting. This is a cute cartoon love story and romance, that will take viewers back to school days. This cartoon love story is a first of its kind in Assamese Cartoon animation, and will address issues of love story, such as First love, first crush and complicated relationships of girlfriend, boyfriend and couples during student high school life. This Assamese Cartoon Love story is an expansion of our Assamese cartoon animation Kharkhuwa Universe, that includes beautiful Assamese Cartoon Love stories, heart-warming, heart touching romance teen cartoon love stories presented in Assamese animation with english subtitles. This will be a full HD Assamese Cartoon Love story using latest vfx and 3D animation cartoon. If you are a fan of Cartoon Love story and romantic animation movies in general, then you will definitely love this Assamese Cartoon Love story. This Assamese Cartoon Love story is suitable for kids, teens, young adults and grown-ups alike. This Assamese Cartoon Love story shows the power of True Love and the belief that love comes first. True love happens only once in a lifetime and is the purest form of love, as shown in this Assamese Cartoon Love story.

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