Assassin's Creed Valhalla – Gameplay Trailer Xbox Series X [HD 1080P]

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Gameplay Trailer Xbox Series X of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.
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  1. Shawn L says


  2. Shawn L says


  3. Shawn L says


  4. Shawn L says


  5. Shawn L says


  6. GamersPrey says

    Should it be called a gameplay trailer?

  7. Petscop2 says


  8. MROOD says

    this is NOT gameplay, its a fucking cut scene, i sure they said GAME PLAY like actual real time GAME PLAY, lame

  9. Duanne Rodrigues says

    Que coisa maior paia….Nam…..

  10. Enes Arsli Belası says

    Gameplay huh 👌👌👌

  11. El Predicador Gamer says

    Mierdaaaa de gamesplay.eso no es un gamesplay mentirosossssssss

  12. El Predicador Gamer says


  13. E V says

    Wow, gameplay looks like cgi. Good job Ubisoft

  14. Fives says


  15. Heavy Kaize says


  16. Jeremiah Stewart says

    This was so disappointing

  17. Pinhead Gary says

    I like that hidden blade design alot man, glad there showing it more like in Origins.

  18. Seun Exed says

    Where tf is the gameplay?

  19. Anthem's Gate says

    The last of us 2 leaks are on pornhub

  20. Samurai Skunk says


  21. Hezii says


  22. He Who See It All says

    Wow incredible gameplay /s

  23. Bruno Ferreira says

    this is not a gameplay, you know.

  24. Hooomer Samson says

    If i cant get drunk im not buying it

  25. A. Rusyaidi says


  26. Shane VerVoort says

    I was promised gameplay…

  27. JC says

    TALK ABOUT EARLY. This game looks so good!!

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