Astroneer – Release Trailer

  1. Qwerty 2nd says

    This game grew amazingly

  2. BushBoi Squad says

    Xbox 4 life?????. Ps4—>? me: EWWW

  3. Shay Ó Laoghaire says

    Been watching vinesauce play this and you know. I think I want it. I think I really really want it

  4. 8k says

    Every time I get an astroneer add, I get earraped

  5. The Rev says

    I’m getting it soon

  6. La capote de Thanos says

    this camera plz its hard

  7. Airsoft says

    I cried when he thought they died 🙁

  8. TheMustardPig says

    It won’t let me get it

  9. Dojo Sticc says

    1:29 I like that part

  10. Cat lily says

    buying this game today

  11. Russkof 17 says

    Xbox 360 don't plays this best game : (

  12. Saúl says


  13. Alieu Kamara says


  14. Remi-fu show says

    On peu y joue sur Xbox 360?

  15. DAVI ERICK says

    Fps bad!!!!!!!!!!??

  16. bleeder monkey says


  17. Yon Sire Liege says


  18. Hey xbox remember to make the venom game pls

  19. ChiChi 288 says

    Too bad the frame drops got even worse then the previous build..

  20. ArgosDelta says

    Does this mean I have to restart

  21. KowiKz says

    I will cry

  22. Mr. Mundos says

    It's just waaaaaaaaaaaay to laggy

  23. fahir aruoba says

    Nice game. Really good job xbox ?

  24. KIKINATOR CZ says

    Will it have splitscreen?

  25. Niemand says


  26. Alex Schmidt says

    I love this! Reminds me of when I played with the old school space lego

  27. LoudCarsMeansSmallPackage says

    Omg ?❤️

  28. Raphael Cortez says

    Local coop please?

  29. Santiago Carbonell says

    So cute, was about to be sad he’s buddies was gone.

  30. ErikLew says

    I lost my home in astoneer.

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