Atari's Area 51: Site 4 Dedicated Arcade Game – 90's Classic!

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  1. OG Video Games says

    How do you open the control panel on this thing?

  2. Halloween Hunters says

    I have the dedicated carnevil and I love that game! Took me years to find a dedicated one for a decent price. Even the conversion carnevil cabs go for a lot of money.

  3. Schuyler Collett says

    What's the value of it not working missing parts? One is for sale in a local auction

  4. Drink Juice says

    this game gave me the closest experience to what epilepsy is like in my entire life. made me feel sick playing it. just wayy too much fuckin flashing

  5. David Dempsey says

    I'm one of the artist that worked on that game

  6. Terry Phan says

    We need a port for this game in VR.

  7. OG Video Games says

    Just got one of these today! Check my channel. 4 times out of 10 has a HDD or Keyboard error. But Such an amazing game. Great video!

  8. Poetry-N-Motion says

    Hey Ron this is Bobby. I just bought that 10 yard fight from you. I just wanted you to know I liked and sub.😂👍 I've been enjoying that 10 yard fight take it easy bro. And thanks for helping guide me in to yo neck of the woods 😂.

  9. Jdevy - Arcade Games says

    Raw Thrills slaps epilepsy warning on all of their new games, which do have super flashy text and game graphics. Especially stuff like Space Invaders Frenzy, where the game's enemies and power ups flash a lot.

  10. Make Money Online says

    Very nice dedicated site 4, I had a area 51 site 4 except the operator had bought the kit and installed it in a dynamo cabinet. I know somewhere out there operators are still making money on this game.

  11. Mark T says

    Sweet game. Kudos for the vid.
    Oh, btw, friends of mine said they came down Saturday and loved your place.

  12. Ukarcades says

    Omg nice 1 I always wanted to play this game i never got the chance to 🙁 so cool very nice find .

  13. Me my opinion Sche says

    Yeah I would like to buy a game…
    But I could never afford to buy said game.
    But great video anyways..
    The alien queen gave you 20 thumbs up.

  14. Sas Farmer says

    yo jo.thanks for the vid 🙂

  15. adidas1984x says

    A dedicated !! Loved the graphics of the new one but it wasn’t as good as the original

  16. Danijel Car says

    Nice one 👍🏼

  17. Tomy Power says

    cool arcade games!

  18. Mike Wagner says

    I dig the way it says "site 4" on the side in Morse code 🙂

  19. Sasuke Uchiha says

    i use to play that i never beat it

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