ATLAS Xbox Launch Trailer

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Set sail for the ultimate pirate experience! Embark on a grand adventure alongside thousands of other players in one of the largest game world ever built (and even claim a piece of it to call your own). Build your ship, assemble your crew, sail the high seas, and become a pirate legends! Now available on Xbox One with full Xbox/PC crossplay support!

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  1. ミケ猫(Hz) says


  2. Benjamin Linus says

    İs this coming to playstation five ?

  3. ZeroSD says

    Ps4!!!! Please!!!

  4. Krano 13 says

    Is it coming to PS4 and if it’s not why
    is it not

  5. nogi 34 says

    Kozak w huj czekałem na crossplay z xboxem

  6. Nobody plays in Xbox

  7. Christopher Logan says

    Jesus Atlas must've died hard

  8. noponia says

    Please take ir out for PS4

  9. Torri Yumyum says

    if yall want to prove this wasn't a cash grab get some damn updates out for christ sakes this vids from Oct 2019 cmon guys

  10. Rainbow Doge says

    I know this is late but please please please please release this on ps4 i need it to be on ps4 pleaseee

  11. tapas roy dj says


  12. yung soap // cherry red says

    wait…. this isn’t the rapper….

  13. xXRony_KsaXx says

    need this game on ps4 and ps5 plzzzzzz

  14. DeRuff says

    And may I have a question? I don't move much in this community. I happened to find a trailer a week ago. I'm a big fan of Arc, but this looks really fantastic. About six months ago there was an xbox launch. So I want to ask if there has been any progress or a hint of another update since then, which would be a step closer to the release of a full PS4 game. thank you for your answer

  15. Dark Slayer_AMV says

    PS4 PS4 PS4 PS4 PS4

  16. Dark Slayer_AMV says

    Bringt ihr auch mal was Neues wieder für Atlas raus neue Inhalte mal sonst ist das Spiel komplett tot

  17. Baran says


  18. Quentin Warner says

    Is this game dead or are updates coming

  19. Quentin Warner says

    When is the next update

  20. Unsayingtoast 4 says

    Is there gonna be more maps?

  21. Chancinator says

    Guys. PS4 players feel left out. Please add it

  22. Quentin Warner says

    When is the next update

  23. jt 5609 says

    Day 120: since this trailer they never upload anything ever again it grows ever so darker

  24. ii_AL7K00MH_ says

    We want something new! Why there is no update or a new animals!!!!

  25. Li’l Nuggie 2 says


  26. Apollyon Wraith says

    The hits keep coming now my buddies can rock the seas with me , tight work!

  27. Dusting Entertainment says

    Nintendo Switch Pls!!

  28. BEST GAME says

    the vast majority of the things that appear in the video are not true

  29. KP-48 says

    Please make it vr support

  30. S T I C K M E N D says


  31. Ak 47 says

    how about some content grapeshot? did you drop the game to play dino's?

  32. Samuel Biesecker says

    Please when is it coming out on ps4..I am dieting to play this game.. please

  33. Alvi 3004 says



  34. Boom says

    Downloaded the demo played for 3 hours. Meant one person from China which was fun crashed 10 times. Died 6 times.

  35. sniff pineapple says

    People say this is like ark which kinder is but there is less dinos and more features like hanging beheading bigger maps just more creativity

  36. d man says

    When you play this it's about as clunky as pushing toy cars around a kindergarten roll up track except less fun. And at least the roll-up mat works.

  37. PrOsTo ShArIcK says

    Maybe 1update to 6month?

  38. wolf Gamer says

    On ps4

  39. Enzo Ferrari says

    Ps4 plsdd

  40. CallM3Freddy Random says

    Are they even updating this game

  41. Skylonic Empire says

    And the hidden cave bases continue

  42. Piotr Szomanski says

    Ps4 plssssss

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