Atomic Heart – Official Release Date Trailer

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Check out the exciting release date trailer for upcoming first-person shooter and action-RPG, Atomic Heart. Get a look at the game’s mysterious world and enemies, along with a peek at its brutal combat. Atomic Heart is this month’s IGN First! Stay tuned throughout November for exclusive news and videos diving deeper into the game.

Set in an alternate version of the 1950’s, Atomic Heart takes place in a Soviet Union in which robotics and other advanced technologies were developed during World War 2. Robots designed to help humans have since turned against their creators, and a variety of secret experiments have led to the accidental creation of terrifying mutants. These creatures and huge machines now stand in the way of you completing your own secret mission.

Atomic Heart is coming to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and Game Pass on February 21, 2023. You can check out Mundfish’s website here:

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  1. Oscar Cordero says

    Man…those robot girls…

  2. Diffusion , says

    0:53 This. This is what technology was made for, 15/10

  3. amidointhisright says

    Did IGN ask for the trailer to be formatted like this? The official stuff from mundfish is way better

  4. hershey bro says


  5. TheTrollMeister says

    0:53 😳

  6. SiegePlayer9358 says

    looks like it will run with 30 fps on release

  7. Parmie says

    the most replayed part of this video is– unsurprising

  8. dekonstrukcija says

    Right wing propaganda.

  9. Connor McCartney says

    My body is ready

  10. Phil Official says

    pls upload the real trailer. this one is sped up

  11. HUDcats says

    this trailer is so goofy

  12. Roman Sucks says

    Is this what being on coke is like?

  13. Fenrir Fire says

    If Singularity met X-Com: Declassified

  14. Mark V says

    Heavily pessimistic about this release, and hoping that what we see is actually what we get on release. Callisto protocol was mediocre at best, but had awesome trailers too.

  15. Slebandogux says

    Soviet Bioshock x Prey.
    I've never been more ready.

  16. Kennedy Lemon says

    Russian bioshock

  17. Miko says


    It's unique style and amazing gameplay.

  18. Does anybody know the name of the song played on the violin at 1:08?

  19. Noah Sains says

    Prey 2017 vibes

  20. Ян Акурен says

    ……ber 2022

  21. sweitzer 17 says

    I’m so excited I’ve been waiting since the beginning

  22. Xavi M says

    Just found out about this game today, looks mad fun, can't wait for it.

  23. Stikkippy says

    0:54 dawg, there’s already “art” of robo-mommy. I’m honestly impressed

  24. ezrae says

    Who's the badie

  25. nobody says

    this game is a proof that weapon is the only answer

  26. Lautaro Villagra says

    Damn the new Russian Bioshock look awesome

  27. Doo Voo says

    Бабушка… Бабушка никогда не меняется!.. ))

  28. Shinobi Drip says

    Gahhh this game looks SOOO crazy lol

  29. Joshua Bowen says

    In America you break machine, in Soviet Russia, machine break you!

  30. Rayn says

    Welcome to the age of game delays.

  31. Thomas says

    On the way to the outhouse in the CCCP

  32. Rexmon Nguyễn says

    instant pre-order

  33. ayo maakaa says

    Has prominent place in my wishlist……..make it so……… (Picard is on the tv right now)

  34. GlaciusTS says

    I’m guessing the mold man from the initial teaser never made it into the game, which is pretty damn disappointing.

  35. Dovah ._. says

    lol look at the most replayed

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