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ATONE introduces us to the world of Laura Bishop, an ex-special ops soldier that has reluctantly settled into raising her daughter Kate. After giving up her career as a soldier for the love of her life, she loses him and has lost the will to live. Her goal is to expend the least amount energy possible to get by. To that end, she spends her days in a security job at a place that she thought would not require much effort, a church. Until a team of highly trained and armed terrorists takes the church by siege. With the intent to simply report the incident to the cops, she starts to head to the police department when suddenly she is stopped as she notices her daughter’s bike lying at the entrance of the church. She rushes back into the church and goes on an all out hunt for her daughter. With special forces standing between her and her daughter, Laura’s rage engages her past in special ops setting off a pitched battle that may kill everyone involved.


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