Avowed – Official Announce Trailer

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Watch the official announce trailer for Avowed, Obsidian Entertainment’s next epic, first-person RPG set in the fantasy world of Eora.

Learn more: https://www.xbox.com/games/avowed

Play day 1 on Xbox Game Pass: https://www.xbox.com/xbox-game-pass

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AUDIO DESCRIPTION: https://youtu.be/MiVLi10C3U4


  1. A AA says

    2 years later. NOTHING.

  2. iDiamondz says

    Please god turn out good I rarely see games like this announced and it’s my fav type of games

  3. osama Mabruk says

    at the e3 2021 showcase you said you will show avowed "soon" and here we are

  4. rudasko says

    It's been more than 2 years.
    Any update?

  5. (oswaldo)(bigboss) says

    Please i beg you guys translation to portuguese-BR we are one most populate contries and we are in 5 in ranking of consumers
    Give us at least one translation

  6. Ricky Ray says

    YES OBSIDIAN, DO IT! You guys rock!

  7. osama Mabruk says

    Are we gonna see it this year?!
    Anyway. when we gonna see it i want to be blowing away by the visuals and the combat enemies and of course obsidian magic on their games
    Sorry for my bad English

  8. Мотор Hemi says

    Ha, serial L.O.R.T. L.O.R. Balrog? magic in the style of the mark of Sauron? There are two chairs, one with chiseled peaks on the other Todd Howard

  9. Brennen Morrow says

    I need to see gameplay I'm on my knees begging

  10. Channel Name says


  11. Billy Shaw says

    Still waiting.

  12. The_Dazed_Doorway says

    still waiting……………………………

  13. Spicy Dong says

    Soooo, how are the devs doing?

  14. Lee Diaz says

    Looks like it will wait another 5 more TESV games before this one will became live

  15. SureWolf says

    We need an update pleaseeeee

  16. the dumb dumb does says

    I really hope this isn’t exclusive

  17. sᴋʏ says

    Дарк Мессиа?

  18. OSC - Old school clips says

    Now announced 2 years ago.. I don’t think I know anything about this game yet lol

  19. Retrìca says

    I loved pillars of eternity and this looks insane, cant wait

  20. Joshua Winters says

    it's based in Deadfire from Pillars of Eternity. I think that spell might have been Necrotic Lance.

  21. Preetham Reddy says

    weird that i thought about this game exactly 2 yrs after this trailer came out

  22. Paul Capgras says

    It’s remind me arx fatalis

  23. Dijik 123 says

    New company should be formed and called Calcium

  24. Lauren says

    Love the PoE world so I know this will be epic

  25. Lord Leo of The Valley says

    going on 2 years lets go

  26. Zero Leona says

    Huh, that rune drawing reminds me of Arx Fatalis.

  27. YNWA Clube says

    Better be guns in this

  28. Mr. FoxHat says

    Just started playing The Outer Worlds (my first Obsidian game) and so far it has me excited to play this

  29. Giantcorn games says

    Hoping to see more of this soon

  30. Chrissie says

    This game better have flintlock firearms like in PoE…

  31. René says

    Bethesda took Fallout, and now Obsidian takes Skyrim LMAO
    It looks amazing.

  32. Alexander Volg Zangief says

    So, what happened to Avowed? Another game going through development hell?

  33. Lexa Trice says

    Gameplay When ?

  34. BR 549 says

    Yeah, but can you mod it?

  35. mark says

    fake arrow mechanics

  36. vege .h says

    i only like it bc its just like ets. but sheeeesh im pumoed for this one

  37. Blue_CosmicSouls says

    I hoped see gameplay today 😭😭

  38. Arklados says

    Arx Fatalis 2?

  39. Mpuma31 says


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