Aztech Forgotten Gods – Release Date Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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The time is nigh. Tenochtitlan’s fate is in your hands!

Be ready to face off against the fearsome deities of the past and fulfill your destiny when Aztech Forgotten Gods launches on March 10, 2022 for Nintendo Switch!

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  1. Rojoz says

    If you guys like this, you guys need to checkout Mictlan The Game!

  2. Momo #84 says

    The game s*cks

  3. dr says

    song is pretty badass lol

    artstyle reminds me of that PS2 game Mark of Kri, minus all the maiming lol

  4. Andrew Penny says

    When did kratos get a grand daughter. Also sue got generator rex vibes too.

  5. Pillmonger says

    I’m gonna wait for credible reviews on this. I’m not wasting my money on indie garbage again.

  6. Hoody K says


  7. cc says

    Uff papa esto si se ve interesante

  8. TheAbsoluteJay says

    Is this the for real music in the game? It should be.

  9. Wavy Vaporizers says

    Another game that will look phenomenal on that oled screen

  10. Crits says

    Another day, another small game that looks way better than Pokémon. I love Legends Arceus, just wanted to give this game praise for that.

  11. El Berni says

    this game looks pretty damn good

  12. Kiricen 77 says

    Aztec god of war have special culture that wore your enemy or sacrificed victim skin as special robe in special ceremony.

  13. Purple Dragon126 says

    K doom fist calm it down

  14. YourToyzReckon says

    This is Truly looks like a Work of Art and Amazing game about my Aztec Mexican Culture the rich bright colors the bosses and protagonist player brings out the true essence of it all I am definetly going to be buying the physical copy I hope their a special edition where you get all sort of goodies for this.

  15. Saffo3 says

    Oooh, what the hob is this?

  16. Mitchell Scripter says

    Nintendo version of Shadow of the Colossus. don't get me wrong this game looks good.

  17. josh :# says

    you know what they say about big hands????? BIG GLOVES

  18. Abraham Lupis says

    Aztec Bionic Commando

  19. Graphomite says

    Aztech mythology, excessively large bosses, metal music, animated artstyle (that kinda resembles OG Beyond Good and Evil?), and a wild haired protagonist with a bionic fist in which to punch gods? You have my interest, Lienzo™ Desarrollo De Videojuegos, S.A. De C.V.

  20. Sventt says


  21. ADN says

    Yeahh baby! STONEPUNK

  22. Shahaf Yanai says

    im getting some real ps1 vibes on these graphics

  23. Kingdeme says


  24. Scott Hernandez says

    Looks sick! Dope soundtrack ! Count me in!

  25. Jay Space says

    If loader from risk of rain 2 had a game and face reveal.

  26. lord lem says

    Finally a fight against a pantheon that isn't Greek or Norse.

  27. NeoKurow says

    Bayonetta Mexicana

  28. Stylez-13 says

    At the beginning the glowing ball look like the breath of the wild blue glowing ball so i thought it was released like a spin off …

  29. Techno Raptor says

    "Doomfist Simulator, coming soon to your Nintendo Switch"

  30. Axgard says

    LOVE MEXICAN CULTURE !!! This game looks amazing

  31. King BullyRock says

    To honor all the Victims of the Aztec Empire, I will not play this game.

  32. King BullyRock says

    When I think of the Aztec Empire, I think of slavery, Imperialism, Human sacrifice and cannibalism.

  33. Programmer EA says

    New version of HOB 🙂

  34. サイヤ人の乗ってきたボールみたいだな

  35. Akihiko says

    Se podrá conseguir en fisico?

  36. M!LK says

    avatar vibes, nice

  37. B Ward says

    Im really liking the look of this

  38. rulric says

    ouh yeaaa

  39. CallOfTheWild says

    Quetzalcoatl 🇲🇽

  40. Donaldo Benites says

    Ps2 vibes

  41. Phuzion1 says

    Looks more cheap Hollywood than Aztec to me. I would have liked an Aztec game too.

  42. Sergio Arturo says

    Finalmente algo que no es griego o europeo

  43. you tubez says

    this reminds me of shadow of the colossus because of the aztec art

  44. Eduardo Bahamondes says


  45. shalev kapon says


  46. HENOCQ Nicolas says

    It looks so good like à sort of Zelda but not Zelda, but so cool !!!

  47. stonedgefish says

    Is that Link with brown hair and hellboy's hand?

  48. Mc says

    Ok. Now you've made me want a new Bionic Commando.

  49. TIDUS Only for YUNA says

    Someone know the name of this song?

  50. ebusive says

    I don't even care if the gameplay isn't that great. I'm buying this just because it's finally a different pantheon.

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