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The prophecy came true, the pure child is born . The no heart creature sealed in the underworld by the wise owls is about to rise again.

The game is set in the world of Rodia , a journey into a magical land full of mysteries to discover.
Baldo is an action adventure rpg, full of puzzles and intricate dungeons to solve.
Travelling around the world, Baldo will interact with many weird and funny characters scattered everywhere, to complete the main story quest and many other sidequests.
You’ll travel into an open world map discovering new towns and people, fighting enemies , locating hidden temples and collecting objects to get new weapons or items to use.


  1. kakarot247 says

    I'm feelin' Nintendo Switch vibes from this game. ?

  2. Paperinomago99 says

    As an italian i'm so proud of this project. Can't wait to see more.

    P.S. "Baldo" in italian means "Brave", so now it all makes sense.

  3. Drew Dahlen says

    so much running and then he started sword really interested in this!i love the whimsical worlds and animals that act like people in them!now I gotta look up the release date!

  4. Maxy XV says

    I hear wind waker Link at 1:23.

  5. Markus Orlo says

    It’s like Ni No Kuni and Zelda get a baby !

  6. Wolverines don't Hibernate says

    Careful now, your studio Ghibli is showing.

    (Eh who am I kidding? I love it!)

  7. Wildzide00 says

    I tought it was about the dog

  8. Shizzle Blitz says

    They turned my 3rd grade insult into a miyazaki film .

  9. nowonmetube says

    They should improve a little on the character art style. The characters look a little flat. Maybe use a little different lighting and that could be it.

    Unpopular opinion I know, but at least I'm not fanboying, there's so many other cell shaded games that look just GORGEOUS. Look at Granblue Fantasy Versus, Dragon Ball Game Project Z and Breath of the Wild for example.

  10. DelayAndMentlegen says

    Graphic budget : $999999
    Sound Effect budget : $5

  11. MrFunnyCloud says

    Budget nino mini. I haven't even played either games and I've made up my mind on that.

  12. Anime lover says

    It's giving me Nostalgic vibes… Definitely gonna buy it

  13. Chabenson P. Chadavoine says

    Finally a Decent Zelda Like on PS…

  14. Not sure if I like the art style

  15. NaneelQueenOfDarknes says

    That lizard is a pot head, i approve. 10/10 would throw pots again.

  16. Andy Kolb says

    Looks like a awesome Zelda Alternative for Ps4 Owners!

  17. Criticorn says

    This looks like a badly made indie game, and no, it doesn't look like a Ghibli movie. Some locations and characters look cool, but the gameplay and animations are horrible

  18. ViridianBae _ says

    0:50 ?surely he won’t see me in this small shrub I just walked into. ?

  19. Ioannes Carlgar says

    It has potential. But animations look not too natural. Please fix that before launching cause it looks fantastic for the most part.

  20. Darkspecter says

    1:22 Lewd

  21. Mike Hawk says

    I don't get it he still has his hair

  22. Jaquez George says

    Link of ps4

  23. Jeremy Seal says

    This has everything I look for in a game. I'm in.

  24. Terron29 says

    well this came out of no where……..sold.

  25. triledink says

    But hes not really bald doe.

  26. SimOaksAntonaTrees 801 says

    I’m not even a super anime fan so idk why I have such a hard time saying no to anime themed games..?

  27. HYBRID says


  28. Tonycola says

    set video speed 0.25x 1:22 wata fak…

  29. Ryan Hunter says

    Looks beautiful

  30. Amanda Mol says

    Gonna love this !!!

  31. Hill Melancholy says

    1:00 I'm sold.

  32. iamSketchH says

    Not Ghibli, but definitely Ghibli-esk. I approve.

  33. ezzyisonfire says

    Finally.. A proper looking game! Not something that looks like a mobile game!

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