BATMAN: Hush Trailer (2019)

“Animation Movie” trailer

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A mysterious new villain known only as Hush uses a gallery of villains to destroy Batman’s crime-fighting career as well as Bruce Wayne’s personal life, which has been further complicated by a relationship with Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

Batman: Hush (2019) is the new animation movie starring Jason O’Mara, Jennifer Morrison and Maury Sterling.

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  2. Arno Dorian says

    A New Jason Todd Movie won't be far

  3. Emeka Ofordile says

    DC animators r legends.

  4. Marshall Lee says

    Where the fuck is Damian got dammit i need to see him in ever film!!!!!!! Nerd Rage fucking Rage!!!!!!!!

  5. Mike L. says

    Other than its a batman film, nothing about the trailer got me excited this time… Maybe the edit job felt lazy or there wasnt much to work with? This one wasnt hitting.

  6. Mathisn't My Best Subject says

    I miss Kevin Connroy.

  7. ThePapermage says

    "He calls himself Hush. Well, I mean, I asked him his name and he said 'Hush', so he may have just been trying to get me to shut up."

  8. Dan Hellwig says

    I hate this animation so much

  9. Roger Payne says

    About time! Hush is criminaly underrated. Just wish the art lived up to the comics but it's still look good to me. Can't wait to see it!

  10. Anthony Smalling says

    Read this story this is going to be a good one

  11. juan manuel cantu leija says

    iam sorry, the comic saga is to much better

  12. BRIAN Shooter672 says

    Is hush two face?

  13. peter aguilera says

    I see you Thomas elliot aka hush. Bruce Wayne's childhood friend

  14. Thomas Soergel says

    I think that everyone who has ever played the arkham games or read the comicd wont be surprised as to who this is

  15. Juan Rivera says

    Im worried because this is a stack storyline. They're going to cut alot of scenes to make it to at least 2 hour movie.

  16. Alexander Scott says

    His voice isn't deep enough.

  17. Carlos Nath says

    Belleza !

  18. Craig Finch says

    Bland, flat animation not helped by being modelled on the awful new 52 rather than Jim Lee's original art. Compare this animation with Batman ninja which had mood, angles, flare and looked like a living comic. This looks like Saturday morning TV.

  19. BATMAN - LAWBRO says

    Who is Hush?
    People who read the comics-
    "one or the other"
    People who didn't read the comics- "wat".

  20. CPL_ BiG-cHuNgUs says

    When’s it out

  21. White Wolf says

    Ever since Flashpoint DC animations has gone downhill.
    The voices are horrendous

  22. M.G Henry says

    Please when is it gonna be released?

  23. TheIndieGamer says

    Man..! no kevin conroy? aww man

  24. Kieran Holmes says

    Wish they’d change up the animation

  25. Rayin WPB says

    Mann if this is anything like the comics, Hush storyline in animation is going to be ???

  26. M V says


  27. B Lee says

    I hope this gets a limited theatrical run too.

  28. Chillin Vibes says

    Wheres Robin?

  29. anijamed says

    I wish for no mans land and contagion to be animated even its will be a 2 parter

  30. Ozymandias says

    Can't they just do a animated movie for Injustice, already?

  31. s. slain says

    У DC мультфильмы лучше чем фильмы.

  32. JDBW says

    Fact, if they just did with live action what they do with these animated flicks, we'd have a DCU by now. Instead we get micromanaged half-assed tries time and time again. Here's hoping that Aquaman anad Wonder Woman broke that mold

  33. Michael Song says

    I heard Hush ripped out Selina's heart. Literally. But somehow, Selina survived by herself until Batman got to her to aid her.

  34. deadpool075 says

    Since Jason swaps with Clayface posing as Hush during this story, I hope this leads into a new Under the Red Hood.

  35. RKM says

    I expected the background to be
    Deep purple

  36. ChieftainHawke says

    i hope to see kingdom come animated before i die

  37. Alexander4X says

    Gordon: is it too much to ask for one quiet weekend.
    Me: it’s Gotham city, quiet is a myth that Batman regularly kicks in the face.

  38. Belles Petals says

    Bit mad that they replaced Tim for Damien but it might be better

  39. Theo Sherman says

    Can I just say Hush is one of the dumbest ass villains in the comics?

  40. jiggus figgus says

    Here's hope they make a Hush anything other than a wet blanket this time around.

  41. Fevin Basil James says

    Omg…. It's the redhood storyline right?

  42. Aigledive says

    I hope they will change the ending.

  43. Tom Norton says

    I hope they don't waste Hynden Walch in this. I checked the cast list and she's finally getting a chance to voice Harley Quinn again. Tara Strong's great, but I've wanted Hynden to have another chance to voice Harley ever since I saw Assault on Arkham so if they underuse her, I'm gonna be disappointed.

  44. Leon Re says

    Damn..i don't think hush is gonna convince clay to take form of Jason todd in this movie. The reason why is because hush just wants to mess with bruce Wayne s head (Batman)

  45. Non White-Knight says

    If you like Hush, you will love Batman STFU!!!

  46. moon Knight Dragon says

    When it coming out I can't wait to see it

  47. Modupe Goke-Dabiri says

    Now all I need is another movie w Damien in it and life will be worth it again

  48. Sean gabby Baldecasa says

    BATMAN: Call the bat family NOW!!

  49. GANTZ100pts says

    Why are there ads for this ad? (trailer) That makes no fucken sense.?

  50. Gojen Toreimo says

    Why blue bat man? Why?

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