BATMAN: HUSH Trailer (2019)

“Animation Movie” trailer

Watch the official trailer for Batman: Hush, an animation movie starring Jason O’Mara, Jennifer Morrison and Maury Sterling. In theaters 2019.

A mysterious new villain known only as Hush uses a gallery of villains to destroy Batman’s crime-fighting career as well as Bruce Wayne’s personal life, which has been further complicated by a relationship with Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

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  1. Ray says

    Apparently The Batman will be loosely based on this movie. Lets hope it's a win with Battinson (?) as the Bat.

  2. Louis Budjac says

    Happy 80th Batman!

  3. Louis Budjac says

    I have been waiting for this! F@!# yeah!!! Now do Knightfall next! Please!

  4. TheInklet says

    * simultaneously excited and super worried since this is one of my favorite comics, ever, and I really hope they do it justice *

  5. Delia Garza says


  6. Daylan Gartin says

    Is it just me or was Poison Ivy’s voice acting awful?

  7. Matt Triano says

    Ugh. So stupid.

  8. Ferris Becirovic says

    I just love that scene of pure rage from batman where he punches the joker

  9. solcreate says

    Flat. Corny. These animated films are awful. Is this another dog from Bruce Timm?

  10. Dwain Pannell says

    Crap, always a crap story, maybe your new villain is the new character they just introduced. They should do The long Halloween already

  11. Gveir says

    inb4 Hush is a Red Hood

  12. WalkingBearDude says

    It’s been under my final thoughts that they’re going with the new 52 batman, but now they’re going with modern? This animated movie verse is really screwy

  13. xxLaylaNovaxx says

    Ah i love this animation

  14. Ken Hill says

    How is it that DC can make such good animated movies and then give us absolute shite in live action?!?!  It's a simple solution, take the script from the next animated movie, no matter what it is; cast people who look like the people in the comic books, shoot the film.  Voila!  DC/Warner makes $750 million and has FINALLY figured out how to make a Superhero movie!

  15. XRED Visions says

    The description says in theaters 2019…. but this is an animated movie.

  16. Johnny Pimpinz says

    Pimp, Batman.

  17. Joshua Givens says

    These DC animated movies are the best.

  18. lofthouse23 says

    Disappointed there is no Kevin, no George, no Mark, no Diane and no Andrea in the film. Oh well, one can but dream.

  19. Amour, gloire et ciné says

    This story deserved a better class of animation :/

  20. DanTheMan HD says

    Ngl I’m hype for this

  21. Anakin Skywalker says

    What's the name of the outro

  22. Hyperion Dark says

    Why are they using the blue??? Ughhhh

  23. Dylan Crozier says

    That is a long ass neck

  24. Adam Armstrong says

    I kinda wish they would of used Kevin Conroy Mark Hamill and Tim Daly in this movie

  25. luke joynson says

    Why is catwoman neck so long ?

  26. Wish they had Kevin Conroy as Batman

  27. Courage says

    Lol is hush that special

  28. letsdothisshiat says

    i like it, but can batman not wear his underwear outside his costume?

  29. Super Super says

    Looks cool, looking forward to it

  30. Juan De la Cruz says

    I hope they improve the animation quality in the movie. Bad Blood was really top notch, but this trailer…

  31. P. C. says


    I thought he had abandoned us

  32. sunnygirlwinx12 says

    I have a feeling hush might be Jason

  33. glory777 says

    I hope they didn't change the story around too much. That's what ruined "Gotham by Gaslight" and "The Killing Joke" for me.

  34. gibbs615 says

    Ya know last time I checked, the JL were getting ready to go to Apokolips to face DARKSEID at the end of the last movie!

  35. Ernest Oglesby says

    Will this also include HEART OF HUSH ?

  36. MrMoros1 says


    One quiet weekend? Pretty sure it's too much to ask for one quiet DAY in Gotham. You'd think Gordon would know that by now.

  37. Jay San says

    Really wishing they got the voice actors from Injustice 2 for this one 🙁 Still excited for Catwoman

  38. Magma Productions says

    Anyone look at the thumbnail and think "That neck doe!"

  39. We’re Damien?

  40. Vupzy | Gaming Videos! says

    Why can’t they take whoever is making these movies and turn them into live action movies. I don’t get it.

  41. Adonis Warchild says

    Jennifer Morrison is the voice or Catwoman?! NICE!!!!

  42. jorge altamirano says

    I can't believe animated movies make a better dc cinematic universe than the actual movies

  43. Alejandro Perez says


  44. Declan says

    hush asto be one of my favourite comic books and I’m super excited that they made it animated movie

  45. nohomers100 says

    This will be crap. Just like the recent death/return of superman was

  46. Paul Seidler says

    Animation is that new52 anime shit…why couldn't this have animation with the quality of "under the red hood"? This will in no way live up to the book visually. Pass.

  47. 08091976 says

    Looks good but they shoulda chose better voice actors…poison ivy and cat woman and Gordon’s voice was off.

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