Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Trailer | Xbox + Bethesda E3 2021

  1. Lee Davies says


  2. Eren says

    Looking through these 11 month old comments makes me sad 🥲

  3. Kurai Shogun says

    How is this not in release!?

  4. DefineXFusionz says


  5. Jaxs123 4 says

    Bruh da wingsuits look fire

  6. bonko says

    if this games gun mechanics are like cod for example, im sold. The only thing i dont like about bf1 or bf5 are the gun mechanics, but this looks different.

  7. Isiah Arellano says

    Player: i wish we could still drop ifv's on BF4

    Battlefield 2042: let's you airdrop a tank

    Player: Waaaaat

  8. FGM11 says

    The good thing about BF has always been that there are some quiet Spots/Objectives. Dig in and defend/spot/snipe or something like that. But this looks more hectic than Titanfall.

  9. VILLAIN says

    COD is gonna have to go back to boots in tha air to compete this yr..

  10. Allen Wesker says

    😴 Wake me up when they make a real sequel will ya.

  11. Juan Rodriguez says

    thank you actual game play not COD BS type trailer

  12. Daftboy89 says

    waaay tooo over the top!! Again…

  13. The Crap In My Toilet says

    I just hope this game has the sense and atmosphere of doom and pure terror as BF1 has. If it does, in that case, it’s a win for me!

  14. Waifu Echidna says

    Probably many people already said this, but Battlefield 2042 could revive the battlefield 4 moments we love.

  15. Rose Doesn't Know says

    There's nothing stopping Titanfall 3 from looking this badass. Here to hoping BF42 is finished on launch.

  16. Mikeal Jones says

    I thought for sure that someone was going to drop a grenade in that elevator. Would’ve been too much fan service I guess 😂

  17. Patrick Williams says

    Make the fun play like battlefield 3!!!!

  18. xEdogHoman says

    Black ops 2 remastered

  19. LASB says

    So… BF4 2.0?

  20. SarcasticSaber says

    This is what Star Wars Battlefront 2 should've been. Ya know but with multi seated LAAT Gunships instead of helicopters

  21. everyone says

    2042 looks so stupid. Add another century so we can have mechs and Titans.

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