Battlefield 5 Update – Chapter 2 Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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Battlefield 5 Update – Chapter 2 Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
Release date : 2019
© 2019 – EA

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  1. WorldWar3gaming says

    Please show the Aleutian Islands!!!!

  2. Jordan Batey says

    Tbh i can make a better ww2 game in my basement with a couple of my freinds and the campaign would be better and the multiplayer would be better and everything about it would be better then battle feild 5 i hate to say it but i really dislike the game

  3. Anant Sananikone says

    Wow the new micheal bay movie looks great this story is just th best a bunch of cybernettic female soldeirs fighting nazis

  4. Dusan Kostic says

    this game is total crap

  5. IBeddu Gamer says

    This is only shit….and where is the communist ? Italian? France ? Why only england adn germany…

  6. Trump says

    This game still really sucks. If you want to buy it then buy it a long time from now when it’s really cheap & a used copy.

  7. Alex AJ says

    And no motherland

  8. Midway 1942 says

    Looks like an awesome update

  9. Calvin Naugle says

    If only these CGI stuff is in game, like the executions

  10. Internet_User12 says


  11. Frederik the Wolfman says

    Ah, another update for SJWField.

  12. NewCanadianTurtle says

    This is what the original trailer should've been like

  13. Ian Mitchell says

    They really go all out with these CG trailers. Too bad the game is shit

  14. Lämp?

  15. Zaid Al Abassi says

    EA bad

  16. Strida Outstyle me says

    How will 4 persons fit in a tractor? ?

  17. Garrett Irwin says

    Now that looks awesome!!!!!

  18. S G M de Paz says

    A nadie le gusta esta puta bazofia

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