Battlefield V – Mercury Map Official Reveal Trailer | PS4

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Experience unexplored fronts as the Battlefield V fight moves to the Mediterranean with the new Mercury map, coming May 30. Take on a massive invasion along the Cretan coast, based on the real-life WW2 events of Operation Mercury.

Rated Mature: Blood, Strong Language, Violence

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  1. SILVIA VEGA says

    ¡¡¡Buenísimo!!! Un mapa donde aparece EEUU y Cuba.

  2. Corey Marshall says

    Not enough blax

  3. manfre says

    Another day at office…

  4. endless Ornob says


  5. endless Ornob says


  6. Giannus says

    HISTORY FACTS: The Operation Mercury (1941) was the German invasion of Crete island (Greece) by German Paratroopers because the island was already captured by British New Zealand and Australian troops. Remind that the Cretans being almost disarmed, even the women and children fought with rakes and rocks against the invaders causing multiple casualties. That's why Crete had massive retaliations during the occupation. Long Glory to the brave Greeks and Allies who fought with bravery for the freedom against the tyrant. Ανδρών επιφανών πάσα Γη τάφος. (Περικλής)

  7. conker466 says

    Add the pacific theater!

  8. João Piedade says

    Reported for lack of inclusion of Agendered, LGBT+, African-American Satyrs, who are also mobility impaired and Bhudists on Thursdays from 15:0017:00. SHAME ON YOU DICE AND EA!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Boy L. says

    I have a feeling the gaming franchise is dying for some reason and when i say that i mean Battlefield And Cod but i also think Cod will get a revive with Moder Warfare

  10. K-Series Official says

    There are a lot of low ratings of this animation of battlefieldV

  11. ラムダ卿 says


  12. Arbaaz Khan says


  13. LOGIN says

    СССР и Германия потеряла больше людей чем вы американцы или европейцы.Так что идите вы нахуй уроды

  14. grace calis says

    Huh…. anyway, you guys catch that new CoD trailer?

  15. Hurricane Gaming says

    When are they gon a finally gice us the streets of Germany, England, France etc like we know them from what historians recorded. This game is like WW2 in another timeline

  16. COFFEECUP says

    Accept it or Don't buy it.

  17. gsxrampage neti says

    okay let's play gran turismo

  18. Oblo Bitouna says

    Should've left my money for death stranding.

  19. Mo_LL_oT TV says

    Where is Soviet Union blyat?

  20. O T says

    BF should have gore!

  21. dicecop says

    If you thought this game was politicized, wait till you watch the propaganda bs of a COD trailer

  22. Mr Giggles Alot says

    Give us Air Superiority ya cucks

  23. Baim Hungkul says

    Misthios is that you?

  24. Yikai Ma says

    But where’s US army and Soviet red army?

  25. RaurMan says

    1 map in 6 months…pathetic.

  26. Бунтарь says

    People:maybe you should add USSR,

    this is the side with the largest number of deaths an…
    DICE: Not another word,MERCURY MAP

  27. bestdraven3 bestdraven3 says

    nice i from greece

  28. bestdraven3 bestdraven3 says

    he needs ps plus??????????????

  29. Adil Tt says

    after the call of duty trailer I was not impressed by this video

  30. KenChiu To says

    Battlefield Odyssey

  31. lord 57 says

    rip batlefield call of duty modern warfare coming

  32. Ravi nesan says

    nice edit

  33. Jon Doe says

    "Accept it or don't buy the game."

  34. Steve Cardiac says

    Think I was here with Alexios

  35. Nousie 94 says

    Action party for the kiddies, like COD

  36. Billy Jackson says

    Glad I never bought the game

  37. TeaDouble_E says

    Just stop DICE. You failed making this version of Battlefield

  38. matthew osvaldo says

    All of Bf1 trailer always successfuly hyped me for the game and content but this is just mehh

  39. Chilly360 Gaming says

    Map. Looks like just cause 3

  40. theonefrancis says

    I thought you were dead.

  41. RedSongbird says

    I love Battlefield-Trailers

  42. Mike Open says

    0:40WTH is that texture on the ground ? Back from N64 ?

  43. Bobby Varghese says

    Awesome waiting to play it

  44. Thank Zeus says

    Make another one that role at our century

  45. proud to be Greek says


  46. OR1G1TAL says


  47. Ayush Patel says

    All my hope for a dope WW2 game has been down by 2 major game makers …

  48. KongIrS says

    From 0:36 on the sync with music is godly

  49. johnnycomelately65 says

    COD MW will erase this

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