Bear & Breakfast – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Join Hank, a well-meaning bear, as he and his friends find an abandoned shack and turn it into a money-making bed and breakfast scheme for unsuspecting tourists. As your business expands so do the mysteries of the forest, and Hank soon finds himself uncovering a plot deeper than the wilderness itself.

Coming in 2021!

#BearandBreakfast #NintendoSwitch #IndieWorld

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  1. Dog Bone says

    Is it going to be on cartridge or physical pls let me know

  2. Victoria Harley says

    Is this game ever coming out? 🤔

  3. Cakedragon says

    This looks really good! I love the lack of enthusiasm in the narrators(?) voice. I hope there’s more of that in the game 😂

  4. Hamad Alrowaie says

    All of the handhelds had the best fighting games on them 😐 TEKKEN and DEAD OR ALIVE on the psp , 3ds , ps vita and the wii u !!!!!! IT IS TIME FOR TEKKEN 7 AND DEAD OR ALIVE 6 TO BE ON THE SWITCH !! THE SWITCH IS BECOMING THE BEST HANDHELD OF ALL TIMES !! AND IT DESERVES THE BEST !!! 😡😤 SO MAKE IT HAPPEN NINTENDOOOOOO !!!! And don't forget about the rest of resident evil games !!! 😤

  5. Abraham Chughtai says

    Thank you for choosing bon voyage no refunds

  6. NEVERLAND Story says

    Where is the game? It’s been a year

  7. Blueberry Cream Soda says

    2022 and still waiting for the release :")

  8. hanjaessi says

    I loved the demo so I'm excited for it to come to switch. a definite buy, for those interested

  9. ❤ᴱᵐⁱⁱⁱ❤ says

    Guys? Does anyone know when this is coming out? Or is it already out? I can't find it on Nintendo and I really want to get it 🙁

  10. Remi says

    When is this releasing?

  11. ・゚: * kirakira * :・゚ says

    If I had known, I would have skipped buying the sims 4 expansion packs and bought this instead argghh

  12. joel kurowski says

    Is that Clancy Brown?

  13. TheMrFishnDucks says

    Looks super fun. Looking forward to this game. Keep up the good work.

  14. Marta_98 says

    Does anyone know if it will only be available for Switch? 🥺

  15. Viviana N says

    Do indie games ever make physical?

  16. holyshirtohfork says

    its 2022 where tf the game at bruh 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  17. Alexandralite says

    Omg has Nintendo actually put verbal audio in their games finally?

  18. Iris M says

    This looks interesting

  19. Megan R says

    …I’m still waiting

  20. EnigMajicc says

    Still wondering when this is coming out… Especially since it's 2022… Hm. I hope the wait is worth it.

  21. Shortbread Head says

    stiiiiiill waiting

  22. Peyman says

    gravity falls?

  23. garfreeek says

    Yes to All of this!! 😍😁

  24. Wizard Wor says

    I wouldn't spend 60 bucks on this but if it shows up for like 20-30 I might bite.

  25. Few of my favorite things says

    Amazing trailer

  26. HarmoniChris says

    Mitsubishi Materials.

  27. jordyn lawrence says

    it's like an anti animal crossing i like it!

  28. Axel Vique says

    The game is not in the e shop. Wtf?

  29. Michael Björk says

    Bear ear flick! I’m in!

  30. Tabi ღ says

    oh my god the art reminds me of gravity falls and dont starve together combined idk

  31. Malcolm Simien says

    It’s like We Bare Bears’ the video game Grizz edition or Yogi Bear 🐻 edition.

  32. Ardalan Meynet ott says

    For me it's like gravity falls

  33. Adam says

    I'm definitely buying this one.

  34. Lalo says

    This game reminds me of the recent news story about Polar Bears that took over human houses in the Russian Arctic. Where you see bears living inside homes like people.

  35. Meanlittledutchgirl says

    Okay this trailer wins. I don’t even … it wins

  36. Sassy Winter Fox says

    This looks amazing!

  37. FacebookQueen says

    Why is this perfect for me?

  38. Saruvaward says

    I can faintly hear Gravity Falls theme song playing in the background

  39. a level 5 mudkip says

    So its we bare bears + gravity falls

  40. Calista says


  41. Alyssa Mann says

    I could not be more excited for this 😩
    I can not wait! I hope it comes out soon 🤞🏻

  42. Sydney Weber says

    this has such strong gravity fall vibes especialy with the "no refunds"

  43. Hikarity says

    genshin. when.

  44. Alexandra Hall says

    Guys it's 2022 where's the GAME!!??

  45. Victoria Harley says

    He sounds how I feel lol 😆

  46. Sandhya Kumari says

    The cover looks like mystic shack

  47. • SSJ BL∆CK GÖH∆N • says

    Mobile gamers : why are we still here , just to suffer 😢

  48. toonskeee says

    bro the intro looks like gravity falls..

  49. Roger Szeto says

    Laid back. For sh*ts n giggles

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