Beast Of The Water – Trailer

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Researchers Monica, Riley, and Alan, under the guidance of Dr. Grey, have made an improbable discovery – a source of chemically pure water. This phenomenon could change the world given that the near-forgotten Ininkwe tribe told of a pure water source with healing powers – the Fountain of Youth. After losing their funding, a biopharma corporation named Aesiv saves the team’s research, but their funding comes at a price. Soon, our researchers are thrust into the field to meet Aesiv’s increasing demands. After Dr. Grey goes missing, things begin to spiral out of control, pitting our heroic team against the unyielding Aesiv security detail, who is bent on finding the fountain of youth at all cost. All the while, whispers of the Ininkwe past and their ancient spirit protector, the Enuattii, surround our team.Stories of destruction; fire and water; life and death. And above all, a cryptic warning, “Those who disrespect nature will learn to fear the rain.” Nature’s law has no mercy.


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