Best Websites to Buy New & Retro Video Games & Consoles! Where, When, How 2019!

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Hey Guys,
Hang with me guys If your wondering why I recorded the screen vs a capture card it fights ad bots good info is in the video!

RivalBoss here. Today I am bringing you guys a list of the best websites to buy video games on. New & Retro games I have you covered. I will show you what to look for, and how I go about getting the best deals on each website. So if you’re looking for the newest PS4 Game or if you are looking to buy a retro console to remember the good old days this video is for you. If you learned something in the video or found the information helpful leave a “Like” it really helps. Thank you guys for watching, and I consider you all my friends. More RivalNews, and Arcade 1 up mods coming. I will be picking up a new Improved Pi soon, and hopefully we can run some higher end games on it soon. Also sorry for the screen glare. I am going to start screen capturing vs. just filming the screen. Just thought the content was good so I should released it!
Places discussed in video
(Offerup App & Website)
(Mercari App & Website)
(Ebay App & Website)
(Craigslist Website)
(Goodwill Website)
(PriceCharting Website)

Oh also if you have any better websites you buy from I would love to know leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Teagan Norconk says

    Starting to get into collecting retro games, and this video was super helpful! Thanks!

  2. Jake Hartman says

    Holy crap goodwill is way legit now

  3. Speedcola12 says

    I dont think selling above msrp and ebay prices is good or in a will.. and most times in shit condition

  4. duckSAN says

    Thanks I really needed this

  5. Hawlucha says

    Heck yes! I'm still into collecting nintendo games and systems. All of these websites are amazing :D.

  6. anakin chromosomewalker says

    are there any good sites for those of us in the pal regions?

  7. ShyloYT says

    Thank you so much!

  8. Kanty says

    Do you have any pages to buy Nintendo games but available for europe?☹️

  9. ZZurved says

    Does this website work for Canada/ships to?

  10. Jordan Kibbe says

    He had a nes 001 and a clayfighter 64 he didn't want to be a grow up and sell it for reasonable price

  11. Jordan Kibbe says

    Like thus time u went yo a flea market and thus reseller wanted to sell for over 100 for lije 3 things charging like store and online prices was sad

  12. Jordan Kibbe says

    Having hard time finding retro games because resellers

  13. Jordan Kibbe says

    Are psps region free how do I know if I have ntsc games

  14. Drakestophet J says

    I've played every single GTA game and the only game I have never completed fully is GTA 4 for ps3

  15. Ivette RM says

    Im wondering, would this sites work for people that doesn’t live in the united states?

  16. ItzCharles says

    Hell yess!! I was just looking for this because I wanted to buy a bunch of old consoles, ps3, ps2, xbox360 and original one, and a few more from nintendo for the quarantine thank you so much!!

  17. Madmonkey642 says

    Which one do you like the most out of all of these? I am loving goodwill and especially Mercari. Been looking all over for tekken games and this is perfect.

  18. almighty face maker says

    I’m getting the ps3, ps2. gamecube, I already have a n64, gonna get a Xbox 360 then a ds later.

  19. Sporting fan says

    I have a question so I'm looking for a ps3 controller but I went to GameStop they said they don't have no more do u have any stores keeps old electronic or controller stores.

  20. WebHead.Tv12 says

    I’ve been trying to find the legend of korra game for the PS4

  21. The X Gamer says

    fuck you

  22. 56Psi says


  23. D M says

    If I took a shot every time your said BASICALLY I'd be so hammered 4 minutes in …

  24. Neke Hunter says

    How do you avoid getting scammed?

  25. Jake Moonlight says

    be cful for copyright,i mean the ads that are in the video

  26. Chris Kanawyer says

    Shipping rates are higher than the value of items ridiculous

  27. Jan Esquivel says

    Hopefully you're able to see my comment and respond , but in price chart when I type in Fire Red it gives me three options, Player choice, not for resell and one without the title. What do these exactly mean?

  28. JayFilay says

    Thanks man, just got a ps2 for $16

  29. yashwin raj says

    Save your 30 minutes
    Offer up
    Price charter

    But I reccomend to see the video

  30. Lord Death says

    It’s been a year and now I’m seeing this, are these websites still good in 2020 or am I too late to the party? Oh and when I say still good what I mean is are they trusted websites?

  31. Matts dumb channel of dumb says


  32. Ahriman S says

    Seeing how many people have been robbed I'm surprised you added OU and it's sketchy practices

  33. José Maza Gon says

    Some good advice mate. I'll definitely use your eBay settings to find good deals

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