Bethesda Joins the Xbox Family – Official Trailer

  1. Sean says

    And now they own Activision/Blizzard as well. As if my $10 per month Gamepass PC wasn't already worth it lol.

  2. Anoki B says

    Anyone happen to know the game at 1:32 / 1:40 ? The females in skin tight suits?

  3. Thomas Videau says

    Here waiting for Acti Blizzard King trailer. Hopefully soon enough

  4. Tom The Hedgehog says

    fight as one (bad city) plays

  5. FxLiquor feat OldSheikh says

    Imagine Xbox X Activision version

  6. Kara r. Kendall says

    What game is that at 0:37 and what year?

  7. Gillagamming Bennett says

    Guess I'm buying a Xbox to play the next doom

  8. Raven Swordman says

    We need one trailer for Activision Blizzard Joins Xbox & Bethesda

  9. Ankoe080 says

    Now we need trailer about Activision Blizzard

  10. asatch64 says

    Rare, mojang, Bethesda blizzard activation 5 out of the 6 infinity stones

  11. KommandoX says

    We need another trailer for the Activision/Blizzard acquisition please 👀

  12. Iván Montalvo says

    Did the Xbox youtube channel deleted this video??

  13. Issou0073 says

    hope a trailer like this with activision blizzard

  14. aal says

    Xbox + Bethesda + Activision Blizzard

  15. waltzraghu says

    We did it boys, Blizzard is with us

  16. The Guy says

    Please make another trailer with Blizzard joining Xbox

  17. Alvin Choo says

    Now they 3 iconic armor characters, master chief, doom slayer and the brotherhood of steel

  18. Jonathan Szuhai says

    Microsoft has enough intellectual properties under their belt to create the Marvel/DC of video games.

    EDIT: And even more now that they're buying Activision-Blizzard.

  19. monke says

    lets be honest, weve waited years for this to happen

  20. Kiaculas says

    Anybody know the song name?

  21. Yash Fofaria says

    Phil Spencer: Laughing in wailing Sony fans

  22. Daes tka55 says

    whoever made this trailer deserves a rise

  23. LukaGamer96 says

    What is this song?

  24. Branden Kelley says

    Song is Blinding Lights: The Weekend…..someone’s going to ask

  25. Daniele Tessa says

    Song name ?

  26. xipots says

    still can’t believe ms bought bethesda ☺️☺️

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