Black Desert for Xbox One: Official Gameplay Launch Trailer (ESRB)

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Become your true self in the BLACK DESERT world! Explore vibrant, stunning locales in an open-world, next-gen RPG! Black Desert officially releases on March 4th. Early Access Starts on March 1st. See you there Adventurers!

Black Desert is an upcoming MMORPG for Xbox One, and features a truly open world where you can Become Your True Self! Engage in epic battles, delve into deep and rewarding lifeskills or just explore the world at your own pace, Black Desert has something for everyone to enjoy.

With 4k Ultra HD Enhancements on the Xbox One X, you can truly enjoy everything the Black Desert world has to offer.

ESRB: T for Teen
PEGI: 16

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  1. Comander s says

    I need to more setting like safe zone and brightness.

  2. plnkfloydian says

    I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online for 2 years should I check this game out, and how does it compare?

  3. Roberto Martha Estrada says

    Love this game

  4. icebreathergamingYT says

    Will they put it on game pass

  5. Black Desert Gaming says

    Game is fun but all the armors looks same =/ only thing that does change is the color of gear.

  6. 케빈스타일 says

    I'm really enjoying it. Add Korean Please!!

  7. boing boingerson says

    do NOT play this game or if you do dont give them any money, they will lock your account and demand a copy of your id to unlock it like they did to me on pc. they are scammers


    Traslate spanish????

  9. We Are Legion says

    Loving every hour so far…tired as all get out but worth it!! ❤️❤️

  10. TellyTubbieXBL says

    Is it free to play

  11. Rare Mr360Games says

    too bad on PC it was 5 dollars now it 60 what

  12. Rafa Caballero says

    Has the game spanish version?

  13. chikiiriot says

    Only for EU and NA players ?

  14. Montez Miles says

    I have to wait until Saturday for this ?

  15. Kallen 432 says

    Stuck on the additional data

  16. JΩHN - S117 says

    Ready to waste HELLA money on this.

  17. Naruto Joestar says

    Can't get in

  18. Blake says

    2.15gb update im ready to go

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