BLACK DESERT "Megan Fox" Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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BLACK DESERT “Megan Fox” Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
Release date : Available
© 2019 – Pearl Abyss

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  1. KK Patil says

    The girl name??

  2. KeVs PIXEL Gaming says

    Megan Fox is such a bad car owner, her car always breaks down.

  3. A C says

    These new Transformer movies are getting out of hand…



  5. Jeremy Durst says

    Brad Pitt for Striker class 2020!

  6. Vernon Odom says

    So? Is it me or did this just look like another "Teaser Trailer" for a new Transformers film being kept under super tight wraps. I mean the body armor animation and everything… Combined with the fact that the Transformer films never had any mention of what happened to Megan Fox's character. The original Transformers Anime in the 80's that I came up on showed how Humans actually had "Autonomous Robotic Suits". I mean…. Come on.

  7. TheMadAfrican1 says

    sees Megan Fox

    "Huh. She's still alive?"

  8. lanigirognithemos says

    That guy at 2:05 looks like a rocker trying desperately to smash his "axe" 🙂

  9. SoUtH MeMpHiS says

    The New Lara Croft ‼‼🤔🤔🤔

  10. Sadie Adler says

    That did not make sense at all.
    Not even one bit.

  11. Blanzalot says

    That was cool

  12. Timmovits says

    but why…

  13. deltavagen says

    What does she even have to Do with the game? This is non sense

  14. babblebabble says

    1:17 WTF ahahahah
    1:06 The girl I love
    1:17 The girl who loves me

  15. Sigmund Wolfgang Lancelot says

    Aunque en el juego saliera esta tía constantemente en bolas seguiría siendo un JUEGO DE MIERDA

  16. Zennarissa says


  17. Atiq Ur Rahman says

    lol i here this pay to play game is huge on the pay to win aspect

  18. ShotsFired says

    And tying up her hair gave her the strength to run up the hill… Lol dumb as fuck

  19. nathan wohlwend says

    Do not buy this game unless you love a grindfest

  20. Mustafa says

    Megan is here
    Im sold😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  21. 13 faces says

    Remember back during two and a half men and the first transformers movie when megan fox was arguably one of the most beautiful girls in the world… then she destroyed her face with surgery

  22. Endangered Mexican says


    Reality is often disappointing

  23. TopFlight says

    Transformers Megan Fox Revenge
    Michael Bay Film 🎥

  24. Haise says

    No thx if you like plastic surgery and a hole make up store go for it

  25. Ash says

    The surgery done fucked up her face

  26. Ken Ohki says

    I loved this game on the PC…until I consistently got memory errors every patch (yep contacted support but that is a saga of another kind). Fun game though when I could play it.

  27. Safwan Said says

    Wtf was that

  28. Slava says

    а причем тут Меган фокс ?

  29. Once_Wiz*One says

    How do we get new players to play our game?? Lets add Megan Fox to the next Trailer. 😂😂😂

  30. WIFDATASSA says

    Welp here we go again boys

  31. Killa2464 says

    Shows a PS4 controller in the trailer (for PS4 AND XBOX ONE

  32. Vader Bolado says

    Lol nothing change in game, just using girls to promote games

  33. sinkiez says

    When you visit Thailand and the hotties packing salamis

  34. nelanor says

    Видимо совсем в кино не зовут(

  35. Steve empire MANTRA says

    My proudest fap

  36. Ömer Boztepe says

    1:16 vs 1:17

  37. Kvest Show says


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