Black Summer: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Winter comes with cold-blooded new challenges during the zombie apocalypse as frantic scavengers and violent militias battle the dead and desperate.


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Black Summer: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix


  1. hansombryrsig says

    The serie is the best film or seriebased shit with zombies… Like 28 days later but better! The Walking dead is Sesame street vs Black summer!

  2. Bangk Erik theya says

    Masuh seru yang ke 1

  3. TheAien123 says

    Someone pls tell me why r they fighting nd killing eachother instead of fighting zombies 🤔

  4. Byron says

    Card game and the plane episodes are my favorite

  5. Trikisha Sarden says

    And also I believe that this a scenario like this really went down and happened to the world we would all be turned they say statistics says 100 days everybody every day I say less than that because think about how quick the coronavirus spread it all around the world you know what I'm saying and it's a bunch of people dropping dead from it I'm him thank God I haven't got a thank you Jesus oh my God I pray to God I never catch that but yeah what I believe not long after that's like all the zombies you woke up and started biting people I give it about less than a month in everybody will be a zombie like either a month or less than a month

  6. Eden Nekon says

    I Met Jesse today 🤭

  7. Rolic Emmanuel says

    Even though the zombies are good the amount of plot amour is disgusting like unlimited ammo tf

  8. Carlo Fontejon says

    The zombies are intense nad style is similar to Dayz videogame and the character back stories is a top notch

  9. Kombator says

    Please make a 3rd season!
    This series is so great, dark and with great camera work!
    Much much better than the The Walking Dead universe right now. Please Netflix 🙂

  10. Gavin Valle says

    This show is better than TWD.

  11. eric y says

    Seriously, Like how are any of these people alive in the zombie apocalypse? Every single one of these people are ridiculously stupid. And episode 1 s2 is a broken mess of idiotic people who have zero clue what they are doing.

  12. Redemptor 666 says

    Welcome to the femtardpocalypse!

  13. Taylor says

    Finna finally stream into season 2

  14. 1 Bad Jesus says


  15. biytxh says

    Cant wait for season 3

  16. chili doritos says

    Second season wack when the daughter shot brotha man it was over for me he the only reason I stayed as long as I did

  17. Fırat KARA says

    O şekle girmek isteyen yok ki, çok yanlış yerde arıyorsun.

  18. Ryvuhl says

    Looking forward to season 3

  19. Guts Ken says

    نبي موسم ثالثثثث

  20. E VT says

    I'm hoping like hell we get a 3rd season

  21. k says

    Plsss s3

  22. k says

    Plsssss SEASON 3

  23. - مـريـَتۿۿۃ says

    على اي برنامج ؟

  24. Alan Day says

    The characters in this show are so incredibly stupid that you quickly find yourself rooting for the zombies.

  25. J&M22! says

    This season was kinda stupid but kinda makes sense ppl acting all the irrational. But the build up needs to be better to these stories half the time I was like wtf is going on

  26. clive harding says

    These zombies actually work. Fast, strong & with enough intelligence to pose major problems. Definitely got it right here, & with the whole Mercy thing!

  27. minh tu do says

    This is most dangerous and most terrifying zombie ever
    They are agressive and run fast like 28 weak later, they are adurable and take few second to turn like world war Z,they can climb ,jump,swimp and break the door, hunt down the people until they get them

  28. Adel Alvin says

    Season 1 is decent 7/10
    But man wtf the camera on season 2 is on another level,I am impressed 10/10

  29. Ruman Syed says

    Worst web series only time waste

  30. Flexb123 says

    I really like this series. The first season was a little different but kept me watching and really liked the 2nd season too. Haven't heard anything about a 3rd but I'd look forward to watching if they did another one.

  31. SS says

    Honestly while watching this series I slept I got soo bored…South Korean zombies films/series are very always interesting..

  32. kale213 says

    Killing off Spears was such a bad idea. There are no characters you care about in this series. Just random zombie stuff. Great camera work though.

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