BLAIR WITCH Gameplay Trailer (2019) Xbox One / PC

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BLAIR WITCH Gameplay Trailer (2019) Xbox One / PC
Release date : August 30th 2019
© 2019 – Bloober Team

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  1. Salom902 says

    I guess its time to shit our pants playing this.

  2. Franco Corradi says

    In 1996, a retired detective called Ellis with a horrible past, is hired to find a missing boy inside the Black Hills forest.
    This search becomes a nightmare when Ellis discovers strange events in the woods, only to learn that the legend of the Blair Witch is extremely real and now he must face his own demons and the witch itself.

  3. SPARTAN GHOST98 says

    I just got an ad of the same video

  4. andika arata says

    outlast reference??

  5. raltz says

    If the dog dies i refund my money asap

  6. Due Decimal says

    20 years too late. and putting a dog in a horror game will ruin the sales.

  7. Johnnyb418 says

    It’ll probably suck. Just saying

  8. Dustin S. says

    Am I the only one who doesn't want to play this game because the dog is 100% going to die?

  9. Alan G. Bandala says

    I need it!

  10. mbanksj says

    reminds me of Firewatch

  11. InsaneDarki says

    This is a good indie game

  12. Project Detonado says

    Looks promising.

  13. Joshua Gillies says

    Outlast 3 looks clean

  14. royalfresh says

    Game just looks like Slenderman Outlast

  15. Z3U5 says

    Wait Alice is a dude ?

  16. Philip Banks says

    Hopefully it comes out on PlayStation eventually

  17. That Practical Bro says

    Firewatch meets Outlast

  18. Red45Dead says

    Don't care what happens to the guy but they better not kill the dog.

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