Blair Witch – Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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Here is our first look at the first-person, psychological horror game from Bloober Team and Lionsgate Games in action! Everything from exploration, commands, combat, environmental interaction, and of course a taste of how players will interact with fan-favorite canine companion Bullet!


  1. Victorprvt says

    Firewatch with a dog and a witch

  2. el_guero09 says

    Looking forward to playing this.

  3. Black Shelby says

    Why you copied outlast?

  4. Franc Marcus says

    Outlast and slenderman combined with some 2019 level graphics and a good story behind it. Seems good to me

  5. Jordan XCVI says

    If the dog dies WE RIOT????

  6. Fajny Facet TV says

    Previous games were gore af! So I hope this one will be too

  7. leee aa says

    Gronkh must play this button


  8. Yogirl Cheeks says

    This game looks musty

  9. Joshua Carnduff says

    It had a bit of an outlast feel to it honestly, like the scary sound track probably half way through and to the end, was in Outlast 2

  10. Fanboyof Everything says

    Does this mean I finally get to argue over the map in a video game


  11. Mr. Douchebag says

    I've always felt curious of the legend of the Blaire Witch. But haven't gotten any real leads.

  12. FBI says

    I have an Xbox but would prefer to play on Ps4

  13. Therion says

    Free with game pass?

  14. Vj La says

    Please protect the doggo at all cost ?

  15. A Sad Clown says

    I think this would have been more scarier without the dog sure the dog is cool and all but yeah

  16. ice Evolution says

    Is it gonna support VR ???

  17. Caesar Dmello says

    Not for PlayStation ?

  18. Nick Cook says

    Looks good I can’t wait to buy it bro

  19. Jack Hammer says

    Yay, first person 😀

  20. Agent Orange says

    No ps4 platform

  21. Mario Pulido says

    She's magical

  22. Giuliano Roman says

    Look good. Nokia can be a very strong weapon against witch. 🙂

  23. Fahad MV says

    Did they made this game with the RE engine .. ?

  24. squid ward says

    Dogmeat? Fallout 5?

  25. Viquers Vikers says

    Dang, new weapon.. nokia

  26. Zalabit says

    Y'know what made the original movie special for me? It wasn't sure if the damn witch was real or not, the whole quiet ambient created paranoia, it was the key, no need of supernatural stuff going on all the time like the 2016 movie.

  27. Miki Maus Gamer says

    Really, the game ?! I had nightmares just because of the movie XD

  28. Fruitorian says

    Looks really cool ??

  29. _lennox_grs_ says

    it is not for ps4 ?

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